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Special Communication and Internet Packages for Indonesian Hajj Pilgrims

Special Communication and Internet Packages for Indonesian Hajj Pilgrims

Special Communication and Internet Packages for Indonesian Hajj Pilgrims

The Hajj season arrives again. On July 28, 2017, the first group of Indonesian pilgrims flew to Saudi Arabia to fulfill the fifth pillar of Islam. Ka'ba, Grand Mosque, wukuf in Arafat, Mina, Medina and the whole procession of pilgrimage is a dream charm for a Muslim.

The sincerity of worship and away from relatives become the mandatory menu of every pilgrim. When longing for home, hometown, or family, only voice or text messages will be the cure.

Welcoming the 2017 Hajj season, various products and services are presented to ensure a comfortable communication experience that keeps customers in the fifth pillar of Islam.

While in the Holy Land, customers can still use mobile services easily, without changing the card or smartphone settings. In addition, there are also 3-in-1 Hajj Package in the form of voice, SMS, and data services at a frugal price. Of course there are also Hajj promo rates applicable in all mobile operators in Saudi Arabia.

Customers also need not worry about running out of credit or difficulty getting services thanks to the availability of complete channels for credit top-up, and 24-hour Call Center customer service, as well as GraPARI service centers in Mecca, Medina, and Jeddah which are open daily to serve all customer needs.

The Hajj service presents with the aim that customers who perform worship in the Holy Land, can still communicate easily and comfortably, especially with families who are in Indonesia. From the tariff and the promo package, to the service center that is ready to help customers in the Holy Land.

While in the Holy Land, to make a phone call anywhere, a customer is only charged IDR 6,000 per minute. In addition, to receive phone calls from anywhere, a customer is charged IDR 3,000 per minute. While in sending SMS to all destination number, a customer just needs to pay IDR 1,000 per SMS, and receive free SMS from anywhere.

To surf in the internet and social media, customers can enjoy internet access as much as IDR 500 for 10 kB, with a maximum charge of IDR 35,000 per day. A complete tariff in Saudi Arabia can be made by calling *266*71#.

Customers can also communicate by saving more than 50% by enabling the option of 3-in-1 Hajj Promo Packages. The package is available starting from a 3-in-1 20-day Hajj package comprising 40 minutes of making phone calls to Indonesian numbers, 40 minutes receiving phone calls, 40 SMS and 7 GB of data service for 20 days in Saudi Arabia at a rate of IDR 550,000 (after tax).

There is also a 40-day 3in1 Package, and a 20-day Internet Package, 40 Days Internet Package, and Talk Mania Package a day, which can be freely selected as needed. For info and activation, customers simply call *266*15#.

Telkomsel Kembali Hadirkan Paket Komunikasi dan Internet untuk Jamaah Haji Indonesia

In the access menu *266#, Roaming Gift service is available. With this service, relatives of pilgrims residing in Indonesia as well as in other countries can assist in activating and purchasing packages for Hajj pilgrims in the Holy Land, so the pilgrims can still worship comfortably, without having to worry about running out of credit.

The availability of complete channels for credit top-up using vouchers, electronic vouchers or through ATMs, credit transfer services, SMS Banking, up to T-CASH is ensured. In addition, there is also a convenience for customers to check usage, activation package, credit top-up or pay bills, check and redeem POIN through My Telkomsel application, which can be downloaded for free by customers through Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Call Center service can be contacted for free from Saudi Arabia at +628110000333. To serve all customer communication needs in the Holy Land, customer service centers GraPARI in Mecca(Grand Zam Zam Tower/Abraj Al-Bait, 3rd Floor), Medina (Hotel Al Salaheja), and Jeddah (Al Rehab District) are operated.

Well, now it's time for customers who will perform the pilgrimage to determine the choice of package and promo. Once the package is selected, customers are quietly worshiping and communicating easier.

More information about 2017 Hajj promo package can be accessed at http://www.telkomsel.com/haji.