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Transfer airtime to friends who are short of credit, and receive airtime when you need them.

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  • *858#

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Transfer Pulsa

  • Easily transfer credit to friends who need it
  • Request pulses from your friends
  • Auto transfer credit

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Call *858#


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Press the number corresponding to your chosen option.

Transfer Pulse: 1
Ask Pulse: 2
Auto TP: 3
Delete Auto TP: 4
List Auto TP: 5


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What is Transfer Pulsa?

It’s a service that allows credit transfer from one customer to another.

     You can transfer credit to other Telkomsel phone number using denomination between Rp. 5,000 until Rp. 200,000 (multiples of 1000).

     Maximum total amount transferred per day is Rp. 1,000,000.

     Maximum amount can be received by recipient number per day Rp 1.000,000.

     Transfer fee will be charged per transaction.

     Maximum transactions per day are 10 transactions.

     Maximum transactions to the same number per day are 3 transactions.

     Minimum remaining credit after transferring credit is Rp 5,000 for simPATI, KartuAs & LOOP

    The credit transmitter must be in active period while the receiver can be in the grace period.

    Any credit transfer transaction does not change/extend recipient active period. If the recipient phone number within grace period, transferred credit can be used after the recipient top-up credit.

    Amount transferred will not be counted as usage by the sender, but the transfer fee will be counted as usage by the sender.

How much transfer cost for each transfering credit to other phone number?

Rp1.500 flat for all amounts of credit transferred.

How can I make this pulse transfer?

There are ways to do so:

1. Dial *858# and select Transfer Pulse

2. Dial * 858 * no destination * nominal transfer #    *858*DestinationNumber*AmountTransfered#

3. Send SMS in the TPULSA format to the recipient.

4. Dial *858# then select Auto TP to send credit automatically and periodically.

Does the credit transfer charge replace the previous transfer fee?

Yes. This Transfer Charge replaces the previous credit transfer fee for Denom Toll Transfer.

1. Seluruh layanan VAS (Value Added Service) tersedia untuk pelanggan Kartu Halo, Simpati, KARTU As, dan Loop

2. Layanan ini hanya dapat diaktivasi di Indonesia

3. Skema dan periode masa aktif berlangganan mengikuti masing-masing layanan yang dikonfirmasi di awal pembelian

4. Untuk keterangan lebih lanjut terkait Tarif dan Masa Aktif berlangganan, hubungi Customer Service di 188