Help a Friend in Need

Transfer airtime to friends who are short of credit, and receive airtime when you need them.

  • Get Transfer Pulsa by dialling

  • *858#

Give and Receive with Ease

Transfer Pulsa

  • Easily transfer credit to friends who need it
  • Request pulses from your friends
  • Auto transfer credit

Share Your Balance, Win the Prize!

Win 3 unit Honda Beat, 5 units of Canon G7x Mark II Camera, 30 units of Samsung Galaxy J7 and credit voucher for 60 lucky winners.

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Call *858#


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Press the number corresponding to your chosen option.

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  • FAQ

What is Prepaid Balance Transfer service?

Prepaid Balance Transfer is a service to transfer your balance (top-up) to other existing simPATI, KARTU As, and Loop users.

What are the terms and conditions of Top-up Balance Transfer service?
  1. You can transfer starting from Rp5,000 up to Rp1,000,000 per transaction.
  2. The maximum limit of transaction per day is 250 transactions per number.
  3. If you want to transfer your balance, your number has to be in the active/valid period, meanwhile, it is possible for the recipient to receive transferred balance when their number is in the grace period.
  4. The transfer will not change the recipient’s validity period. If the recipient’s number is in the grace period, the transferred balance can only be used after the recipient top up their own balance.
  5. The amount of transferred balance will not be counted as usage by the sender, but the transfer fee will be charged to the sender.
  6. The minimum remaining balance after transferring for all prepaid users is Rp5,000 (for simPATI, KARTU As, and Loop users).
How much will I be charged for transferring balance?

The fee for transferring via UMB *858# and My Telkomsel Apps depends on the denomination as stated below:

Denomination Fee
Rp5,000-Rp19,000 Rp1,750
More than Rp20,000 Rp2,000
How do I transfer my balance?

Transfer Pulsa is a service offered by Telkomsel to transfer prepaid credit balance (available for simPATI, KARTU As, and Loop). Credit balance can be transferred in the following ways:

  1. You can transfer through UMB by dialing *858#, choose menu number 1 (Transfer Pulsa/Top-up Balance Transfer).
  2. Type *858*nomor tujuan*nominal transfer#
    Example: *858*08125678909*10000#
  3. Send an SMS using this format:
    Type: TPULSA (space) transfer nominal, send to the recipient’s number.
What is Transfer Pulsa Bagi-Bagi Hadiah?

It is a top-up balance transfer service that offers a lucky draw program in a certain period of time where you can win a prize. Every time you successfully transfer your balance, you will get one coupon and you can join the lucky draw with 3 coupons.

When will Transfer Pulsa Bagi-Bagi Hadiah program be valid?

This program is valid from June 5th- September 5th, 2018.

How do I check my coupons?

You can check your coupons by dialing *858# and choose menu number 6 (‘Cek Kupon’/Check My Coupons).

What are the terms to win Transfer Pulsa Bagi-Bagi Hadiah lucky draw?

Winners will be chosen solely based on the lucky draw, under the permission of Indonesian Social Ministry (Izin Kemensos Nomor 645/DYS-PSDBS/PI.01.01/05/2018). The more you transfer your balance, the bigger your chance to win the lucky draw.

When will Telkomsel do the Transfer Pulsa Bagi-Bagi Hadiah lucky draw?

The lucky draw will be held in the second week of September 2018.

What are the prizes for Transfer Pulsa Bagi-Bagi Hadiah winners?

These are the prizes you can win:

  1. 3 Honda Beat
  2. 5 Camera Mirorrless Canon G7X Mark II
  3. 30 Samsung Galaxy J7+ 32 GB
  4. Prepaid credit voucher worth Rp500,000 for 60 winners
How do I get further information about Transfer Pulsa Bagi-Bagi Hadiah?

You can call our Costumer Service on 188 or via WartaHALO media and