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The Wannn Believe
MAXstream Original Movie about the journey of being a professional gamer.

Watch the journey of EVOS "Wannn" to achieve his dreams


On November 16, 2022 MAXstream released the latest esport-themed film for the third time. EVOS Esports and MAXstream announced the launch of their latest collaboration, "The Wannn Believe Movie". This film is based on the inspirational story of a pro player from the EVOS Esports team, Muhammad “Wannn” Ridwan from an ordinary youth to finally being able to achieve his dream of becoming an esports pro player.


During the launching session of The Wannn Believe Movie, Pro Player Muhammad “Wannn” Ridwan conveyed the message, “Through this film, the main message to be conveyed is the importance for all of us not to give up in fighting for our dreams. Through this film, we want to show the various struggles and journeys that I went through to finally be able to achieve my dream of becoming an esports pro player. Surely this is not an easy journey and there are many challenges that many audiences may not know about. I want my life story (to be an inspiration) for young people out there who have dreams but feel their dreams are too high," Wannn said. "My hope is that young people out there can be whatever they want as long as they want to fight for it," he continued.


Telkomsel through MAXstream as a well-known content provider platform in Indonesia is determined to continue to support the growth of the esports industry in Indonesia by producing esports themed films and collaborating with esports organization by presenting talented Indonesian actors and actresses, such as those starring in this film, Wannn himself, Naziful Fuad, Pinnuri SP, Prisca Charity, Sarah Mawla, Kevin Reynando, and many more.


The Wannn Believe Movie is available exclusively on MAXstream starting from November 16, 2022 and can be watched for free! Download the MAXstream application now on the Play Store and App Store or you can click the following link.


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