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The Queen
A must-watch biography drama about the late Queen Elizabeth II to inspire you!

Queen Elizabeth II has passed away, follow her life story in The Queen movie



The death of Queen Elizabeth II which happened recently has reminded and associated with the death of Princess Diana. Many are curious about the life of the longest-reigning British monarch and you can follow her life journey as depicted in a biography drama movie.


There are many films that tell the story of the British empire, which turns out to be not as beautiful as what we thought. Not only do we see the beautiful and elegant lives of Queen Elizabeth and Princess Diana, but this film shows the struggle of a queen and the controversy over royal problems. Apart from the course of the controversy, we can also see the struggle of the queen that’s quite inspiring. So, MAXstream would like to recommend The Queen, one of the biography movies about Queen Elizabeth II that would be interesting to watch..


In this movie, Queen Elizabeth II and her family are the center of the story. The story takes place at the time when the news about Princess Diana’s accident was widely circulated in the mass media. The shocking death of Diana caused an uproar, but the royal side, especially Queen Elizabeth II, refused to open up about the princess’ death.


To find out about the struggle of Queen Elizabeth II and how the kingdom responds to the news, watch The Queen on Maxstream.


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