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The great story of Sultan Agung
Follow the complete story of Sultan Agung through a great cinematic experience on MAXstream.

A lifelong story: The history of Sultan Agung, the ruler of Mataram

Indonesia had a lot of heroic figures who fought bravely for the country’s independence. As the new generation, we have to keep their spirits alive by commemorating these national heroes’ noble services. Not only it is important to retell historical stories, but the history is actually also very interesting to learn. For example, the sad historical story that happened in Mataram will always be remembered by the people of Indonesia. It’s the story of a king who didn't want to be a king. However, what made the great Sultan withstand and was finally appointed as the king? You can find the answer on MAXstream.


Yes, we’re talking about the historical movie about Sultan Agung. This movie told the story from 17 centuries ago. For Indonesian people who studied History since Elementary School, the name Sultan Agung is certainly very familiar, because he was famous for his tenacity in fighting colonizers who disturbed the peace of Nusantara (ancient Indonesia).


In “Sultan Agung: Tahta, Perjuangan, dan Cinta”, we can see the life journey of the Greatest King of Islamic Mataram. After the death of Panembahan Hayokrowati, Raden Mas Rangsang or Sultan Agung (Marthino Lio), who was still a teenager, had to take over the throne and carry a tough task in government. Apart from having to reunite the dukes in Java who were distrustful of each other due to the VOC's divide-and-conquer tactics, Sultan Agung also had to face the company which was starting to grow and monopolize trade in Nusantara.


You might already know the story from your school days, but it would be far more intriguing to experience it through a film. How about the betrayal and also the love story of Sultan Agung who was forced to leave his happy life in the hermitage including his loved one, Lembayung (Putri Marino)? You can follow the complete story of Sultan Agung through a great cinematic experience for FREE on the MAXstream application. Simply download the MAXstream app now on the Play Store and App Store or click this link to start watching.



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