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Gaming content recommendation for esports lovers!

It is such an undeniable fact that the world of esports in Indonesia is growing very rapidly. Many esports game enthusiasts and Pro Players are rising, demonstrating their skills in playing Mobile Legends, PUBG, Valorant, DOTA, and many more.

The ever-growing esports industry has proven that it has a wide market--encouraging many esports players to innovate more for their fans. One of their creative innovations is to make movies, podcasts, and shows about the life of a gamer. Interesting, right? Fans can actually enjoy the different sides of esports and gamers through new content. And here are some of the content you may want to check out!


  1. Alter Ego: Between Love and Champion




    The first series recommendation about esports you should watch is “Alter Ego: Between Love and Champion”. Who doesn't know this famous esports team? Alter Ego is one of the largest esports teams in Indonesia and Southeast Asia. Alter Ego is one of the title challengers in every game branch tournament that has a high winning record rate.

    Starring Alter Ego's Brand Ambassador, Livy Renata, this series combines the life of professional esports players and their love story. This is certainly an interesting thing that fans rarely see from their favorite Alter Ego players, making this series a good choice to spend your weekend. Click these link to enjoy the movie!


  2. Say Yes to Kayes




    In addition, MAXstream has also developed various gaming and esports-based content for fans. Another esports content that you should watch is “Say Yes to Kayes”. The beautiful and cute girl from Bandung is the Brand Ambassador of ONIC Esports. She's currently popular among male fans—you're probably one of them. “Say Yes to Kayes” will show Kayes’ activities while taking a break from her job as a Brand Ambassador. You can get to know her better by watching this content, and of course there’s many interesting stuffs you’ll enjoy if you’re her fan! If you're curious, first you can check the trailer out!



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