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Kolak Express is nominated!
MAXstream Original series, Kolak Express 3, is nominated in 2022 Bandung Film Festival. Find out more about this series.

The 2022 Bandung Film Festival nominees include Kolak Express 3


The annual Indonesian Film World Nominations Event (Ajang Nominasi Dunia Perfilman Indonesia) is back in 2022. Bandung Film Festival has entered its 35th year. Bandung Film Festival is one of the prestigious awards for filmmakers in Indonesia. The organizers always put their best effort to make this event happen every year, and this year Bandung Film Festival runs under the theme "Semarak Film Indonesia".


Each of the nominated films was selected in accordance with the applicable provision during the 2022 Bandung Film Festival Observation Period, which is a full year broadcast starting from September 1, 2021 to August 31, 2022. The results of observations have been summarized as follows: 121 Indonesian Films, 158 Foreign Films, 49 Television Series, and 109 Web Series. Of all the film titles in the category, the committee has selected the nominees, which were announced on September 8, 2022. The nomination was also broadcast live via the Bandung Film Festival YouTube channel, Instagram account, and Bandung Film Forum.


Curious about the nominations? Here are some of them:



1. 17 Selamanya - Dapur Film, MD Entertainment - WE TV
2. Code Helix - SinemArt, Nyra Studio Production – VIDIO
3. Daur Hidup - Sunyata Studio, Menjadi Manusia - VISION+
4. Kolak Express 3 - Dunia Games – MAXstream
5. Write Me A Love Song - Spasi Moving Image - VIU



1. Abidzar Al Ghifari - Jingga & Senja - Rapi Films, Screenplay Films – VIDIO
2. Ajil Ditto - Code Helix - SinemArt, Nyra Studio Production – VIDIO
3. Bryan Domani - Hari Ini Kenapa, Naira? - Sinemaku Pictures - TRUE ID
4. Kevin Julio - Kolak Express 3 - Dunia Games – MAXSTREAM
5. Refal Hady - Wedding Agreement The Series - Starvision - DISNEY+ HOTSTAR


The rest of the nominations can be found on Bandung Film Festival’s Instagram.


As you can see, one of MAXstream Original series has been nominated! Yup, Kolak Express, starring Kevin Julio, got two nominations. This series is a religious comedy about a couple who run a kolak shop together to earn money for their wedding. They have to face many challenges and learn to understand each other. Of course, there’re many conflicts between them, but their journey is also full of laughter, compassion, and inspiration.


Other than Kevin Julio (Rama) and Indah Kus (Nini), Kolak Express 3 introduces many talented actors at supporting roles, such as Andri Mashadi, Patricia Lourence, Yudha Keling, Iang Dharmawan, Kiki Narendra, Selly Lida, and senior actrees Yurike Prastika.


Wait no further, if you’re curious, watch Kolak Express now only on MAXstream!


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