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Time for MAXstream horror movie!
If you're looking for some thrills this Halloween, we have the right movie recommendation for you.

Entering the scariest time of the month, horror movies to make you stay awake!


You may not be able to sleep alone at night after watching the best horror movie on MAXstream original: Eyang Putri. Even if you decide to watch with the lights on, you’ll probaby still end up shivering on your bed tonight.


Well, Halloween is supposed to give you that chilly vibe, especially if you’re home alone. If you're in the mood of getting scared while enjoying Halloween vibe, watching Eyang Putri is the right choice for you.


This movie begins with the mysterious deaths of the child of a maid and nurse in Grandma Sri (Marini Soerjosoemarno)’s house. Following those tragedies, grandma ends up living all by herself. Because of that, Gendis (Sheila Dara), her husband, and step child decide to live together with grandma to take care of her. Unfortunately, the terror begins when a series of strange incidents happen to them, such as hearing grandma laugh by herself like a little kid and finding a piece of glass coming out from grandma’s body.


Sounds creepy already, right? So, what happens next? Did someone curse the grandma? Well, follow your curiosity and find out the answer by watching the movie on MAXstream Original or simply click this link.




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