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A fun show to reminisce your school days
Watch Diary Putih Abu-Abu with your high school friends and get nostalgic together!

Diary Putih Abu-Abu will take you back to the best high school days

High school days was very sweet and memorable for some of us. Friendship, romance, and so many other things happened when we’re still a high school student. Sometimes we want to go back to those good old days... and we have a school drama that will take you there! Let's take a peek at the exciting journey of high school students in Diary Putih Abu-Abu!

Diary Putih Abu-Abu is about a group of high school students who form a group called Putih Abu-Abu. These kids are known to be trouble makers, but in fact, they love to help and support each other especially in singing—their common passion. However, they also get entangled in a love rivalry. This is where their friendship is put to the test. Can they prove that their friendship is strong?


High school love story might sound cliché, but you can still get inspired by the story of friendship in Diary Putih Abu-Abu. You can watch the complete 10-episode series on MAXstream Original, so call your friends, watch it, and walk down the memory lane together. It would be fun!


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