A comedy series to refresh your mind
Need a refreshment? Well, grab your ice tea and watch Dapuk to make your day better.

A must-watch Indonesian culinary and comedy series with local wisdom


Ice tea lovers, what’s up? Just like most Indonesians love to do—enjoying a glass of ice tea after meal while tuning in Indonesian series and films is a joy! We have an idea of what to watch while sipping your ice tea: a comedy series that will make you happy throughout the day. Yup, let's join Denny Caknan, Cak Percil, and Abah Kirun in the Dapuk series!


Dapuk is a comedy series packed in daily life situations, providing you not only laughs but also solutions to problems. Wrapped in tasty Javanese comedy, each episode presents a different story but better excitement each time—thanks to the actors who carry the show with great acting skills and comedy chops.


Apart from the well-seasoned actors, every episode is well-written and the scenes are well-executed. The Javanese setting was created as authentic as possible, leaving you with a nostalgic feeling about classic Javanese comedy that we rarely encounter nowadays. Good thing we can experience it with Dapuk!


So, if you get excited about our recommendation, don’t finish off your ice tea just yet. Download MAXstream and watch Dapuk now, your ice tea may taste even more refreshing and your day will become better!



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