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Bisik Hati Lara
Follow the story of Lara, who has to support her family and fight for her own life as a woman, only on MAXstream.

A child's struggle to become the backbone of the family: Bisik Hati Lara


It's common for children to be devoted to their parents, as it’s important to be filial to the ones who gave birth to us. But the life of a child today could be tough when they have to take care of the parents who are no longer working too. We call it "Sandwich Generation" today—and that’s what Lara is currently experiencing in the MAXstream Original series, “Bisik Hati Lara”.


“Bisik Hati Lara” tells the story of a woman who is forced to work in the nightlife in order to support her family. Lara (Valerie Thomas) has to work at a nightclub and there she meets Dewa (Dimas Anggara), the head of security of the same workplace. Gradually, the two of them become closer and fall in love. However, working in a nightclub means she cannot avoid harsh treatment. Even Mami Jill and her assistant who manage the nightclub always push Lara and put her in much trouble.


Lara's struggle to support her family alone is already hard, yet she also has to lie to her own family about her situation. All of the troubles make Lara's life complicated and full of twists and turns. This series truly shows that nightlife is not always just for fun, but behind that, there are many women who struggle to support their families. 


So, what happens to Lara next? Is Lara strong enough to live a harsh life? Keep following her story only on MAXstream! Watch “Bisik Hati Lara” for FREE on MAXstream app, which can be downloaded via Play Store or App Store.



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