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The Anoboy streaming site is a place to watch anime and otaku films which are already popular among anime lovers. They have many anime titles which can be watched for free, of course it’s like a heaven for anime lovers. But unfortunately, The Ministry of Communication and Information Technology has declared this site as an illegal site.


On November 9, 2022, the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology officially blocked the Anoboy website. Not only Anoboy, quite many other anime streaming sites that are considered illegal or unofficial, such as Samehadaku and, were also blocked. The government thought those illegal sites contain negative content that violated the law; therefore, they took the action. The blocking was done in order to reduce cases of film piracy and to appreciate anime makers.


However, anime lovers don't have to worry about missing your favorite anime. You can still legally watch your favorite anime on MAXstream! By using a legal anime streaming site, you can also watch more safely because there are no hazards that threaten your device security such as malware. The MAXstream application is available on the Play Store as an entertainment application that offers hundreds of movies and TV series. Shows in this application come from VIU, CATCHPLAY, SPOTV, Cartoon Network Nickelodeon Play, Live Sport Content, and others. Telkomsel presents MAXstream as a one-stop video portal that allows subscribers to access all premium content from various video on demand channels as well as local and international TV via smartphones, anywhere and anytime.


As the "Home of Entertainment", MAXstream seeks to increase the variety of content to be able to reach many people and users, one of which is anime lovers. One of the anime series that you must watch on MAXstream is Attack on Titan. This animated film series consists of 3 seasons and 1 final season which tells an epic story about humanity struggles against human-like giants called Titans. As a result of Titans’ presence, humans live in fear and choose to hide within large concentric walls that protect them from these giant man-eating creatures.


Whether you’re new to the Attack on Titan fandom or you’re already a fan--what are you waiting for? Watch the story of genocide in the Attack on Titan now, and you can watch it for FREE on the MAXstream app! Download the MAXstream application now on the Play Store or App Storeor you can click the following link.


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