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Have a fun Supertext chat without an internet connection

Chat with your friends in a group chat with up to 30 members, only Rp0 per SMS and without an internet quota.

Stay connected, keep updated


Send SMS to many people.


Create up to 20 groups, 30 members/group.


Works with all mobile phones, without internet.


For all groups in your life

Create a chat group for your family, best friends, co-workers, and sport team that you’re a part of. You can also use it for school projects and planning events such as gatherings, parties or travels.

Useful SMS commands

Below are the Supertext commands and how to use them.

Send to 98118
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Action SMS Command
Create a group “Teman” BUAT Teman
Unsubscribe package /UNREG
Quit from all service/group  /UNREGISTER
Send to group number
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Action SMS Command
Send “Hi all” to the group Hi all
Invite 08120641xxxx, Gita /AJAK Gita 08120641xxxx
Exit from the group /STOP
Change your nickname to “Joe” /NAMA Joe
See your nickname /NAMA
See the group members list /ANGGOTA
Temporarily deactivate the group /NONAKTIF
Reactivate the group /AKTIF
Delete the group /BUBAR


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