VAS-Magic Call

Be a different you

Surprise your friends by calling them in a different voice.

Sound different, just for fun

Magic Call

  • Choose from 4 voices: Cartoon, King, Child, Woman
  • Your voice will be automatically converted into this new voice when you call your friends

How it works


Get started

Call *500*33#



Press 1 to confirm activation.



Call using the prefix 282 and select the voice you want to speak in.

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  • FAQ

  • Terms & conditions

What is Magic Call?

Magic Call is a fun service that allows callers to change their voice while calling their friends.

Who can use the Magic Call service?

All Telkomsel subscribers can use the Magic Call service. Once you subscribe to this service, you will be able to make calls to your friends using the changed voice. are available for all Telkomsel subscribers.

How can I use the Magic Call service?

a.    Activate the Magic Call package by dialling *500*33#

b.    You will receive a successful subscription notification.

c.    Dial 282 followed by your friend’s number.

d.    You will be prompted to choose the voice you want to use.

e.    The call is then connected and you can talk to your friends in the changed voice.

What are the voices I can speak in?

Cartoon, King, Child, Woman.

How can I change to my original voice when calling to their friends?

Simply press 0 anytime during the call to return to your original voice.

How can I change my voice to the other voice options?

During a call, simply press 1, 2, 3 or 4 to change your voice to the other available options.

Can Telkomsel subscribers call other operators using Magic Call?

No. Magic call can only be used while calling other Telkomsel customers.

How much does the Magic Call service cost?

a.    Rp.220 / minute.

b.    Rp.3300 for 15-day subscription (unlimited usage)

c.    Rp.1650 for 7-day subscription (unlimited usage)

d.    Rp.1100 for 3-day subscription (unlimited usage)

e.    Rp.550 for 1-day subscription (unlimited usage)

* Rates are inclusive of VAT.

How can I subscribe to Magic Call?

a.    Via IVR: Users who have not yet subscribed to the service but call using the dial code 282 will be given the option of subscribing to the service.

b.    Via SMS: Users can also subscribe by texting REG MAGIC15 to 81818.

c.    Via USSD: Users can also subscribe by accessing *500*33#

How to stop the Magic Call service?

a)    Via IVR: Users can call into the Magic Call service and follow the options in the Main Menu to unsubscribe.

b)    Via SMS: Users can also unsubscribe by texting STOP MAGIC to 81818.

c)    Via USSD: Users can also unsubscribe by dialling *500*33#

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