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Maintaining Active Period


Maintain your card, keep your accounts save

Keep your Telkomsel PraBayar (prepaid) card/number active, especially if it’s connected to important accounts such as banking and WhatsApp so you don't lose access to those accounts.

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Avoid losing access to WhatsApp, banking, e-commerce, and social media
Avoid losing access to WhatsApp, banking, e-commerce, and social media

Sim Card or what we usually call a mobile phone number or cell phone number is very important in the current era. Besides it is being able to be used for telephone, SMS, and internet access, mobile phone numbers are also used for banking purposes, fintech applications, e-commerce applications, ride hailng applications, and verify various other social media accounts such as WhatsApp and others.

For this reason, keeping Telkomsel numbers active is a must, and we don't want to lose access to these important services just because we are negligent and forget to top up our credit so that our Telkomsel number reached the end of the grace period or is expired.

Many customers are not aware when the credit or internet quota has run out and the number has entered the grace period because customers use WIFI or a second SIM Card. For example, when a customer uses WhatsApp with a WIFI connection or a second SIM card, the customer can still use WhatsApp even though the card has entered the grace period or is blocked.

Problems will arise when the customer number has been recycled and purchased by someone else. So when the other person uses that number to register for Whatsapp, the customer will lose access and chat history.

This can also happen to other applications such as banking applications, Fintech applications, E-commerce applications, ride hailing applications and verification of various social media accounts.

Mobile phone number recycle
Mobile phone number recycle

Telkomsel recycles numbers in accordance with the terms and conditions stipulated by the Regulation of the Minister of Communications and Information Technology Num. 14 of 2018 that the time between recycling cards from the first customer to the next customer is not less than 60 days.

SIM Card Cycle

The following is the cycle of Telkomsel PraBayar (prepaid) card’s active period:




  • The new Starter Pack card does not have an active period yet, but it has a card validity period of until when it can be activated.
  • After the starter pack is active, it will have an active period. The active period will be added following the number of top-ups. To check how many active days, please visit this page.
  • If you forget to top up the credit, it will enter a grace period. Grace period is given by Telkomsel for 30 days.
  • If up to 30 days of grace period you fail to top up the credit, it will expire.
  • During the blocking period, customers cannot access the internet, make and receive phone calls, or send and receive SMS. Telkomsel provides a blocking period of 60 days. You can unblock your card via *888*89#. If you do not unblock your prepaid card within that period, it will expire.
  • When the card is expired, it can no longer be used. But Telkomsel still has tolerance as an appreciation to customers by providing the opportunity to reactivate the card even though it is expired.
  • The offer to reactivate an expired card is not forever. There is a limited window starting from the end of the grace period until the end of the expiry period; the number can still be reactivated by following the steps on this page.
  • After exceeding the expiration period, the card will enter the recycle period where the card is ready to be produced and resold, so the customer can no longer use the number. The recycle period until the card is ready to be resold to customers is 60 days from the last day of the expired period.
  • We strongly recommend not to forget extending the active period by purchasing credit or internet packages every month and always checking the active period on the MyTelkomsel App or UMB *888#.