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Switch to Postpaid and #BuktikanDenganHalo

Get More Values with Postpaid Plan. #BuktikanDenganHalo!

Not sure about switching from prepaid to postpaid? No worries. With #BuktikanDenganHalo, you can enjoy more values, convenience, and benefits compared to prepaid.


Pay according to your usage Description Use according to your purchase
More stable Price More dynamic
Online anytime Service Limitation Online as long as you have a credit balance
Can be used anytime and anywhere Value Depends on your location and day/night quota
Can be used freely until you reach credit limit Plans Can be used as long as you have enough credit balance
Pro-rate for the first bill Payment Scheme Full payment
Auto-renewal Renewal Cannot be renewed automatically
More benefits & rewards Rewards More benefits occasionally
If you exceed the quota limit, you will be charged more Quota If you run out of quota, your credit balance will be deducted
Postpaid migration requires a new different phone number Use the same phone number
You will get bill shock at the end of the month You can check your monthly usage via MyTelkomsel App
You can change your monthly via usage limit via Call Center 188.
Check your usage via *888# or MyTelkomsel App
Postpaid is more expensive In fact, postpaid gives you more values:
√ 3x more Telkomsel POIN
√ Internet data package can be used for 24 hours in all regions
√ Priority access for internet and voice
√ Priority service atGraPARI
Paying the bills is complicated Paying your bills can be easily done through:
√ Credit card auto debit
√ ATM/mobile banking
√ Cash via GraPARI
√ Cash via Indomaret, Alfamart, PT POS Indonesia
You have to bring a lot of documents to GraPARI You can switch directly from your phone via

Pay The Bill Online

No need to worry, because you can save your time and pay your bill online.

Payment Via MyTelkomsel App

  1. Download MyTelkomsel app on the App Store or Google Play
  2. Open MyTelkomsel app
  3. Login/register by entering your kartuHalo number
  4. Check the amount of your kartuHalo bill
  5. Select your preferred payment method (TCASH, Credit Card, or Debit Card)
  6. Make the payment

Payment Via TCASH

  1. Download the TCASH Wallet app on the App Store or Google Play
  2. Open TCASH Wallet app
  3. Login/register if you have not signed up TCASH Wallet
  4. Select menu “kartuHalo”
  5. Select menu “My Number” to pay your kartuHalo bill
  6. Select menu "Continue" to make a payment with your TCASH balance

Payment Via Mobile Banking

  1. Open and login through your Mobile Banking app
  2. Select menu “Payment”
  3. Select menu “Postpaid Telephone”
  4. Enter your kartuHalo number
  5. Make sure the data and billing amount on the payment confirmation menu are correct
  6. Continue payment
  7. You will get a successful payment notification via SMS

Payment Via SMS Banking

  1. Press UMB *141#
  2. Select your bank
  3. Select menu “Pembayaran”
  4. Select menu “Telepon/HP”
  5. Select menu “kartuHalo Telkomsel”
  6. Enter your kartuHalo number
  7. Enter your SMS Banking PIN
  8. Continue payment

Payment Via Tokopedia

  1. Download Tokopedia app on the App Store/Google Play or access through
  2. Select menu “Tagihan”
  3. Select menu “Pascabayar”
  4. Select operator Telkomsel – Halo
  5. Enter your kartuHalo number
  6. Select menu “Bayar”
  7. Make sure the data and billing amount on the payment confirmation menu are correct
  8. Select menu “Lanjutkan”
  9. Make the payment
  • FAQ

What are the terms and conditions for Pre2Post migration via outlet?

To be eligible for a postpaid migration, you have to:

  1. Spent at least Rp40,000 prepaid balance in the last 3 months.
  2. Your prepaid number has been actively used for more than >12 months.

How to do Pre2Post migration via microsite?

  1. Visit using Telkomsel network (non-WiFi).
  2. Input your data and referral code.
  3. Choose the package suitable for you.
  4. Tick the mark to confirm your agreement to the Terms and Conditions, and then click ‘Register Sekarang’ (‘Register Now’).
  5. Check your data, whether it is recorded in the prepaid registration or not.
  6. Validate your ID and ISMARA
  7. Congratulations, your postpaid card is active!

What do I do if I run out of kartuHalo package quota?

You can purchase the package through:

  • MyTelkomsel App and website.
  • *363# access.
  • *111# access.
  • Call Center 188.
  • Telkomsel Virtual Assistant: Veronica on Telkomsel Official LINE/Telegram/Facebook Messenger.
  • The landing page on your smartphone browser.

What is the benefit of POIN?

You can use POIN to shop in many merchants. Please check the merchant list on
There are 2 benefits of POIN:
DIRECT --> Directly redeem POIN in a merchant via UMB *700# or MyTelkomsel App.
INDIRECT --> By joining lucky draw via UMB *700# or MyTelkomsel App.

What kartuHalo package is available?

  Monthly Subscription Fee
(before tax/PPN and excluding the usage outside the package)
  Rp60,000 Rp100,000 +
Rp170,000 +
Rp300,000 +
Total amount of quota 10GB 20GB 32GB 70GB
Internet quota on all networks for 24 hours 5GB 10GB 16GB 35GB
Promo internet quota 1GB* 2GB* 4GB* 10GB*
Content quota (HOOQ, VIU, MusicMAX) 5GB 10GB 16GB 35GB
Voice (to fellow Telkomsel numbers) 50 min + 50 min* 100 min 200 min 500 min
SMS 100 SMS 200 SMS 400 SMS 1000 SMS
Telkomsel POIN 150 300 500 1200

*) Applied for the first 6 months
**) Applied for the first 12 months

What is billing cycle?

Billing cycle is the period of service usage for one month.

What is usage limit?

Usage limit is the amount of your bill (in Rupiah) that you can choose by yourself. There are two types of usage limits:

  1. Domestic usage limit (domestic). 
  2. Roaming usage limit (from abroad).

How to track my kartuHalo usage?

You can track your usage through the following methods:

  1. In kartuHalo, you will get detailed information about your monthly usage through “Lembar Rincian Pemakaian” (“Detail Usage”).
  2. You can check your monthly usage via MyTelkomsel App.
  3. You can change your monthly usage limit via Call Center 188.
  4. Check your total usage via *888# or MyTelkomsel App.
  5. You can check your last transactions via *887#.

How do I pay the bill?

You can choose your payment method from these following options:

  1. Via MyTelkomsel App.
  2. Via MyTelkomsel website.
  3. Via MyGraPARI.
  4. Via GraPARI.
  5. Via PT POS Indonesia.
  6. Via bank/ATM.
  7. Via T-Wallet app.
  8. Via UMB *141#.