Get Free Internet Quota Using ROLi. Download Now!

Get free internet data Telkomsel every month only by activating the lock screen on your phone.

Get Other Rewards from ROLi Koin

Get free quota of 300MB, 600MB, 1GB, and 2GB; free 300 SMS; and free 300 minutes voice to Telkomsel fellow numbers and 50 minutes to other operators. Simply by redeem ROLi coins that have been collected then the reward will be immediately active.


Play Wheel of Fortune and Collect the Coin!

On ROLi, you can test your luck by following the Wheel of Fortune game that always gives gifts. ROLi users only need to pay a single coin to play the Wheel of Fortune and get a chance to win prizes of up to 1000 coins. More coin you, more reward you can get!

Join ROLi

The ROLi application can only be used by Telkomsel users. To join, download the application and fill the registration form. Access QR Code below to download ROLi application and check out the video on the right side to find out more about ROLi.



  • About ROLi Coin

What is ROLi?

ROLi is a lifestyle application developed by PT. Telekomunikasi Seluler Tbk. (Telkomsel). Through ROLi, customers will have the convenience of receiving information that suits their interests directly through their Android phone devices. In addition, ROLi also provides a variety of other benefits, such as the ease of getting 300 MB quota each month that can be obtained Telkomsel subscribers simply by always activating the lock screen feature for one month. There are also other benefits such as data packets, SMS, and voice that can be obtained by swapping coins that can be collected through ROLi applications.

Where can I get ROLi applications?

The ROLi mobile app can be downloaded at Google Play Store for free.

Why I can't download Roli Apps to my Android device?

To install the ROLi app, you must use at least Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) on your Android devices. Also make sure your device connected to a stable Internet or Wifi network.

Is ROLi Apps available for other operating systems like iOS, Blackberry, or Windows Phone?

Currently, the ROLi app only available for the devices with the Android operating system installed on it. For other operating systems, they can access ROLi services via desktop or mobile the web.

How can I get a free 300 MB data plan?

You only need to activate the ROLi lock screen feature for 30 days nonstops and make sure your internet connection is connected for those 30 days.

What if I want to stop the ads appear on my lock screen?

Go to the Settings menu and turn off the lock screen feature. If it disabled, users will not be able to get 300 MB internet quota every month and the day's calculation will reset to zero again.

How to unregistered as a ROLi user?

Go to the Settings menu and press the "Opt-out" button. When the user selects to Opt-out, they will lose the coin and can't have the benefit to get 300 MB internet quota every month.

How to get the coin?

Participate in the activities inside the ROLi app such as Wheel of Fortune game, filling the Survey, Watch the Ads, and Inviting you Friend to install and enjoying the ROLi benefit.

Can I take the survey that I already fill twice?

No, you can't. Each user can only take the survey one time.

Can I play the game that I've played again?

Yes, you can play the game again on different days. Wheel of fortune can only be played once per day by each user.

Can I watch the ads I've watched again?

Yes, you can. However, Coins earned can only be obtained when the first time the ad is watched.

How can I redeem my points with free internet, SMS, and call?

Go to the My Coin then select the desired reward you want to redeem.