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About “Aku Tahu Kapan Kamu Mati 2”


Five years since Siena (Natasha Wilona) had the ability to see grim signs of death, she’s still filled with fear, which she hides from her two best friends, Windy (Marsha Aruan) and Rio (Giulio Parengkuan). Siena only told Naya (Acha Septriasa), a lecturer and clinical psychologist on her campus, about her fear.

Until one day, a death occurred on her campus, but this time Siena saw no sign. This incident made Naya return to her hometown, Remetuk Village, to meet Laras (Ratu Felisha). Armed with a message, Siena managed to go back to Remetuk Village, accompanied by Windy and Rio. As harvest season approaches, suicide attempts always occur in Remetuk Village, but Siena, who wants to help, can never see the signs. Siena, Windy, Rio, as well as Naya and Laras, none of them can escape the curse, the desire for each of them to know and determine when they will die.

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Special for Telkomsel Priority customers and customers who redeem Telkomsel Poin, you can join “Aku Tahu Kapan Kamu Mati – Desa Bunuh Diri” movie screening in one of the 5 cities below:

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No City Theater Date & Time
1 Yogyakarta CGV Pakuwon Mall September 8, 2023 at 05.00PM (Local Time)
2 Solo Platinum Cineplex
3 Makassar XXI Nipah Mall
4 Samarinda XXI Samarinda Square
5 Medan Cinepolis Sun Plaza