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Enjoy Your Togetherness with #KuotaKeluarga!

Life will be more exciting with the best quality internet from Telkomsel. You can share internet quota up to 80GB to five different numbers! Activate now and enjoy the togetherness with #KuotaKeluarga.

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What is #KuotaKeluarga package? What kind of package does it offer?

#KuotaKeluarga package is a data package that can be shared among family members or friends (admin and members) nationally (cannot be used for international roaming) using all Telkomsel network (2G, 3G, 4G). The types of package are as follow:

Type Quota (GB) Entertainment (GB)*** Zone 1 Price (Rupiah) Zone 2 Price (Rupiah) Validity Period (Days)
KuotaKeluarga 20GB 20 0 150K 170K 30
KuotaKeluarga 40GB 40 5 250K 280K
KuotaKeluarga 80GB 80 10 400K 450K


  • The quota can be used to access MAXstream, GamesMAX, and MusicMAX.
  • Tax included.
  • Zone 1 = Java, Bali, and Nusa Tenggara.
  • Zone 2 = Sumatra, Kalimantan, Sulawesi, Papua, and Maluku.

What are admin and members in #KuotaKeluarga package?

Admin is the customer who buys #KuotaKeluarga package. Members are customers registered by the admin to share #KuotaKeluarga package. Admin and members can use this package together.

Is there any limitation to register #KuotaKeluarga members?

#KuotaKeluarga can be shared to at least 1 member and a maximum of 5 members. Therefore, the total participants who can use this package are at least 2 people (1 admin + 1 member) and a maximum of 6 people (1 admin + 5 members).

Where do I buy #KuotaKeluarga package?

You can buy this package through MyTelkomsel App only, by accessing Browse Package. You have to download MyTelkomsel App first to buy this package.

I already have the latest version of MyTelkomsel App, but I cannot find #KuotaKeluarga package. What should I do?

You can try these following options:

  • Access MyTelkomsel Choose Browse Package menu.
  • Log out from MyTelkomsel App first, and then log in.

How do #KuotaKeluarga package members divide the quota?

After you buy the package, you can immediately register your members’ phone number. After that, the admin and the members can all use the quota together.

How do I check the remaining quota?

You can check the remaining quota on MyTelkomsel App’s main page. You can only check the quota as a whole. If you want to check the detailed consumption, please contact 188 or visit the nearest GraPARI. You can ask for data consumption detail from the first day until the day before you made the inquiry.

What are the conditions to buy #KuotaKeluarga package?

Please check the table below:

  • New or existing customers.
  • New or existing customers.
  • No Family Card number restriction.
  • For now, postpaid customers cannot be an admin.
  • Not blocked.
  • Regular and personal paid customer.

General rules:

  • Both admin and members haven't registered to a Family Plan Group.
  • Both admin and members each have to own an active number.
  • Family Plan Group has to register at least one member.

Will the member’s active period be extended by purchasing #KuotaKeluarga package?

No, it will not extend the member’s active period.

Can admin add or delete a member at any time?

No, admin can only add or delete a member once during the package purchase.

If the admin registered the wrong phone number, how do they make a correction?

The admin can contact 188 or visit GraPARI for help. Only the admin can make this kind of request. They can change up to 4 numbers, which can be done in 1 call/visit only. They cannot make any change in the same validity period.

What is the priority of #KuotaKeluarga quota consumption?

The regular quota will be consumed first, and then #KuotaKeluarga quota.

I bought the regular quota after I bought #KuotaKeluarga package. Which one will be consumed fist?

The regular quota will be consumed first nevertheless.

When the validity period of #KuotaKeluarga package has ended, will the group remain?

The group will be dismissed after the validity period ended. The admin needs to re-register the members’ phone numbers when make a repurchase. It could be the old or new members.

Does the admin get a priority to consume #KuotaKeluarga package?

No, the admin and the members get the same priority based on first in first serve method.

Can the admin buy #KuotaKeluarga for more than once simultaneously?

The admin can buy the package maximum 2 times simultaneously. All packages can be consumed by all members that were being registered at the very beginning.

Can the admin change their status to become a member?

No, as long as the package is still active. The members cannot be changed into admin either.

Can admin check the total use of a certain specific member?

The admin can check it by contacting 188 or visiting GraPARI. The data will be shared in MB/GB from the first day of use.

My #KuotaKeluarga package has ended, but the period is still active. Can I repurchase #KuotaKeluarga?

Yes, as an admin you can have maximum 2 #KuotaKeluarga packages simultaneously.

Can the admin set a limitation of use to the members?

For now, it cannot be done. The quota can only be consumed together with first in first serve method.

What is Entertainment quota?

It is the quota that can be used to access the following apps:

  • GamesMax: Mobile Legends Bang Bang, Arena of Valor, LINE Let’s Get Rich, Garena Free Fire.
  • MusicMax: JOOX, Guvera, Smule, GenFM, Prambors FM.
  • MAXstream, HOOQ, VIU, Nickelodeon Play, TRIBE.
  1. The definition of user types:
    • Admin: The customer who bought the package.
    • Member: The customers who are registered by the admin to use #KuotaKeluarga package.
  2. This package is valid for active Telkomsel postpaid customers (kartuHalo) and prepaid customers (simPATI, KARTU As, Loop) who are not blocked, not registered as members in other #KuotaKeluarga package, and can only be activated via MyTelkomsel App.
  3. Postpaid customers cannot sign up as an admin. To be a member, they have to be a regular postpaid customer.
  4. The price has included VAT and will only be charged to the admin. The price can differ depending on the area.
  5. This package is only valid for domestic usage (not valid for International Roaming, which will be charged separately).
  6. The admin and members can check the remaining quota via MyTelkomsel App.
  7. #KuotaKeluarga package consists of some types of quota:
    • KuotaKeluarga: 24-hours internet quota valid nationally as long as Telkomsel network is available (2G/3G/4G), and can be used together by admin and members.
    • Entertainment quota: quota to access video, games, and music apps that can be used together by the admin and the members.
  8. Entertainment quota can be used to access the following apps:
    • GamesMax: Mobile Legends Bang Bang, Arena of Valor, LINE Let’s Get Rich, Garena Free Fire.
    • MusicMax: JOOX, Guvera, Smule, GenFM, Prambors FM.
    • MAXstream, HOOQ, VIU, Nickelodeon Play, TRIBE.
  9. Video service terms and conditions:
    • The film censoring process is the full responsibility of the content provider. Telkomsel is always trying the best to make sure only proper contents are delivered to you.
    • If you need further information or contact Customer Service for HOOQ service, you can send an e-mail to support@hooq.tv, meanwhile TRIBE you can contact Irene@tribenow.tv.
  10. Admin can add the members when purchasing the package, but cannot remove nor add another member until the package’s validity period ended.
  11. The validity period of the package will not extend the member’s number’s active period.
  12. Each package can have a maximum of 5 members (6 in total including the admin).
  13. During the #KuotaKeluarga package validity period, the admin can buy 1 more #KuotaKeluarga package.
  14. A member can only be registered in 1 #KuotaKeluarga package.
  15. If the admin or members still have a remaining internet quota from another package, then the #KuotaKeluarga will be used after the quota from the previous package has been completely used up.
  16. If the KuotaKeluarga has been completely used up, the remaining quota from another package owned by the admin and each member will be used, or they will be charged with the basic tariff.
  17. The admin and members can check the remaining quota of #KuotaKeluarga via MyTelkomsel App. To check the #KuotaKeluarga package usage for each member, you can dial 188 or visit the GraPARI. You can see the data usage from the first day of subscription until one day before the validity period of the package ends.
  18. Admin has to add at least 1 member number.
  19. The admin and members have to be in active status to use #KuotaKeluarga (not in grace period).
  20. The customers have to be aware that #KuotaKeluarga are being used or shared
  21. Telkomsel has the right to restrict or block voice, SMS, or internet service if there is any violation or misuses such as but not limited to overusing the service with or without any tools or misusing Telkomsel services by violating the law or regulations.
  22. Telkomsel is not responsible for any misuse of Telkomsel products by another party, or for any package and content that are not consistent with Telkomsel’s official product specification.
  23. Telkomsel is not responsible for any misuse of Telkomsel products by another party, or for any content, communication, and internet usage sent or accessed using Telkomsel’s network.
  24. Telkomsel will not guarantee the speed of service received by customers. The speed depends on many factors such as network availability, topography, population density, the thickness of the wall, the type of telecommunication device, the time of Telkomsel service usage, the amount of Telkomsel service users, the distance of BTS/antenna location, and other factors.
  25. Telkomsel has the right to renew or dismiss any service, add or deduct the tariff, quota, or quality of the service under some considerations such as but not limited to:
    • The authorities’ decisions.
    • The service is no longer suitable for the most recent technology.
    • The service is no longer be used and will be switched with another similar service.
    • Other considerations deemed proper and necessary by Telkomsel.
  26. Every other new term or condition informed on the website or other media by Telkomsel for time to time is a part of the terms and conditions for all Telkomsel customers.