Get New kartuHalo Number Now

Start your kartuHalo postpaid subscription to enjoy priority network and services from Telkomsel without having to worry about running out of credit balance or unexpected high bills.


Switch to kartuHalo with Ease

Switch your prepaid service to kartuHalo using your current mobile phone number. Simply submit your personal data via online and you can enjoy postpaid privileges without changing your current number.

kartuHalo Benefits

No more shocking high bills because monitoring your usage and controlling your bills get easier via *888# or MyTekomsel App.

You can easily switch from prepaid to kartuHalo without changing your current number.

Enjoy priority network and services for postpaid customers all across Indonesia.

  • FAQ

What does it mean to switch from prepaid to postpaid?

It means switching from Telkomsel prepaid service (simPATI, KARTU As, or Loop) to postpaid service (kartuHalo) by using your current number and SIM card. With kartuHalo service, you don’t have to top-up/recharge your credit balance, but pay the monthly bill instead.

Will my prepaid credit balance, data quota, and Telkomsel POIN be exterminated if I migrate to postpaid?

Your remaining credit balance will deduct your first kartuHalo bill. Data, voice, and SMS quotas will be exterminated. Your Telkomsel POIN will be accumulated.

How do I check my kartuHalo usage?

You can check your kartuHalo usage via *888# or MyTelkomsel App.

I can’t access the website to subscribe for a new kartuHalo number. What’s wrong?

Please make sure you’re connected to the internet and there is no problem with your connection.

I prefer to get a kartuHalo subscription at GraPARI. Are there any special requirements?

Yes. We would like to remind you that you will have to make a 3-month advance payment if you subscribe for kartuHalo at GraPARI. You can check the nearest GraPARI location here.

Why do I have to re-register after I verified my e-mail?

If you click the link on the reservation email after 00:00 (Western Indonesia Time), your request will be automatically canceled. Therefore, you have to re-register.

Why can’t I choose the same number after clicking the red button on the e-mail?

If you click the link on the reservation e-mail after 00:00 (Western Indonesia Time), your request and number reservation will be automatically canceled. If you can’t find the number you prefer, most probably it is already taken by another customer.

I have received an email with “Welcome to Telkomsel” subject, but my current package has not changed to the package I chose. What’s wrong?

Please contact Call Center 188 and report this problem to get further assistance.

How long does it take for my kartuHalo to be active?

Please wait for 3 – 5 days while we’re delivering your kartuHalo starter pack and activating the package.