INDICO Shows Indonesia's Digital Potential at Expo 2020 Dubai

INDICO Tunjukkan Potensi Digital Indonesia di Expo 2020 Dubai

  • INDICO held a talk show with the theme "Unlocking Indonesia's Digital Potential" at Expo 2020 Dubai on Thursday (24/3), through the participation of TelkomGroup as one of the companies trusted by the Indonesian Ministry of SOEs to represent the Indonesian delegation at the event.
  • At the event, INDICO showed various potentials and advantages of its three digital business entities, FITA, Kuncie, and Majamojo, to the international tech and startup community and the global community.
  • This effort is a form of INDICO's commitment to make Indonesia a digital powerhouse in Southeast Asia by opening up wider collaboration and investment opportunities that can strengthen the national digital ecosystem.


Jakarta, 24 March 2022 – INDICO strives to accelerate the strengthening of the nation's digital economy by promoting collaboration with startups and global investors to optimize Indonesia's various digital potentials. INDICO realized this commitment by holding a talk show titled 'Unlocking Indonesia's Digital Potential' at Expo 2020 Dubai through the participation of TelkomGroup as one of the companies trusted by the Indonesian Ministry of SOEs to represent the Indonesian delegation at the event. Through the event on Thursday (24/3), INDICO wanted to show the various potential of its digital portfolios developed to open up opportunities for collaboration and broader investment with international partners.


INDICO CEO Andi Kristianto said, “Indonesia is the country with the largest and fastest-growing digital economy in Southeast Asia. We see that Expo 2020 Dubai is an excellent stage for introducing Indonesia’s digital potential to global stakeholders.”


“Our participation in this international event will open up opportunities to collaborate with international partners in vast industrial sectors. This initiative is part of our contribution to developing Indonesia's digital economy by utilizing Telkomsel's digital assets, technology, and ecosystem,” Andi explained.


INDICO Tunjukkan Potensi Digital Indonesia di Expo 2020 Dubai


At Expo 2020 Dubai, INDICO introduced three subsidiaries engaged in the three priority digital industry sectors. The three digital business portfolios are Kuncie in the education sector (edu-tech), Fita in the health sector (health-tech), and Majamojo, a game publishing company in collaboration with PT Aplikasi Multimedia Anak Bangsa (GoTo Group). INDICO aims to strengthen the three digital business entities by demonstrating their various potentials and advantages to accelerate the opening of more opportunities and ease of innovation in using the latest digital technology, which will strengthen the digital ecosystem and industry in Indonesia.


In addition to these three sectors, INDICO also opens opportunities for collaboration with international partners to expand collaborations with other potential industrial sectors as the market develops in Indonesia. These initiatives align with the INDICO roadmap to create a digital ecosystem that can encourage the empowerment of Indonesia's digital talent by promoting the spirit of collaboration. Empowering digital talents is also the focus of INDICO's business development to open up more opportunities to accelerate the nation's progress in many walks of life.


INDICO Tunjukkan Potensi Digital Indonesia di Expo 2020 Dubai


Expo 2020 Dubai is one of the biggest global events since the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world. Taking place during the period from October 1, 2021, to March 31, 2022, this event has involved 192 countries who gathered to show various achievements, potentials, and opportunities for collaboration between countries. Through Expo 2020 Dubai, Telkomsel, as the parent company of INDICO, also fully supports Indonesia's participation by holding various showcases of the latest digital technology capabilities, as well as various innovative digital solutions in the Indonesian Pavilion area to promote all trade potentials, business investment opportunities, to the development of the tourism sector through strengthening the digital ecosystem that Telkomsel has run.


"Through participation at Expo 2020 Dubai, INDICO wants to show the international tech and startup community that our country is one of the most promising countries to collaborate with in line with the rapid development of the digital industry in Indonesia. This effort is also a manifestation of our commitment to unlocking Indonesia's various digital potentials by optimizing the capabilities of its digital service ecosystem to realize Indonesia's vision to become one of the largest digital economy countries in the world," concluded Andi.