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Liran Island Is Now No Longer Isolated

Liran Island Is Now No Longer Isolated

Liran Island Is Now No Longer Isolated

A base transceiver station (BTS) now stands firmly on Liran Island, precisely in Ustutun Village,Wetar Sub-District, Southwest Maluku District, Maluku Province. This is the only telecommunication network infrastructure operating in one of the outer islands in Indonesia bordering Timor Leste.

The BTS was recently inaugurated by SOE Minister Rini Soemarno with the West Maluku RegentBarnabas Orno, Pangdam XVI/Pattimura General Major Doni Monardo, and Telkom Group’s CEO Alex J. Sinaga on the "State-Owned Enterprises for The Nation" program on the Moa Island and Liran Island.

Supported by up to a radius of five kilometers coverage, the BTS is able to provide telecommunication services throughout the Liran Island region. BTS is also able to accommodate the needs of communication to thousands of users, so it is adequate to serve Liran Island populated population of more than 1,000 inhabitants.

The people of Liran Island who mostly work as fisherman generally do buying and selling transaction of fish with collectors who are citizens of Timor Leste. During this time, to sell the fish directly to Timor Leste, fishermen in Liran Island must sail by boat for five hours, sometimes until overnight in the middle of the ocean.

"We do hope, with the Telkomsel network in Liran Island, communications with citizens in other islands and even other provinces can increase. We hope that telecommunication services will also boost economic activity in this region,”said Rini.

Areas in Indonesia that previously did not receive telecommunication services are now one by one set free. Telecommunication networks are built to promote the country and serve the community throughout the territory of Indonesia, without exception, including in areas that are not profitable.

The development of telecommunication network infrastructure like what Telkomsel does in Liran Island, as well as the outer islands and state borders is a form of support in maintaining the unity of the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia, where the presence of telecommunication means can increase national resilience as well as unite the Indonesian nation spread in various islands Is in this archipelago country.

Telecommunication services continue to be pursued in order to reach the entire territory of the Indonesian population so that in the future our beloved country is fully connected with the telecommunication network.