Telkomsel 4G LTE & VoLTE - Experience the fastest 4G network in Indonesia | Telkomsel

Upgrade your old SIM Card to 4G

Experience the speed Telkomsel's 4G network with a 4G SIM card!


Upgrade your smartphone to 4G

Buy the 4G smartphone of your dreams and enjoy the best 4G network with Telkomsel.

Make sure your Android has been set to 4G

Already upgraded to the latest Android smartphone with the Telkomsel 4G SIM card, but the network hasn't switched to 4G? Don't worry, check out the following video to access your 4G network!



Better sound quality with VoLTE Telkomsel

Be the first to try Telkomsel VoLTE, for selected Telkomsel customers! Play games, download files, or surf the internet while making calls with clear voice quality using Telkomsel VoLTE.

Telkomsel VoLTE Benefits

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