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Rans CFC - Pegang Satu Bendera
In the spirit of the 2022 World Cup, watch Raffi Ahmad’s journey in building his soccer team, Rans CFC, on MAXstream.

Welcome to the 2022 World Cup! The exciting story of Indonesian soccer club


The whole world is rejoicing while welcoming the 2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar, which is being held in Qatar. This year, the event is very wonderfully organized by Qatar—and of course what makes the world enthusiastic, including Indonesia, is the soccer matches. Although Indonesia is not participating in this big event, we're still proud of Indonesian soccer. This time, MAXstream Original Series presents a series about a soccer club owned by Sultan Andara, Raffi Ahmad.


Who doesn't know Raffi Ahmad? Apart from being an actor and entertainer, Raffi Ahmad also owns a soccer club! Yes, it’s called Rans CFC. This club was acquired by Raffi Ahmad, but not that easily. He still had to go through the not-so-easy process to build a soccer club, and it will be told in MAXstream Original Series titled “Rans CFC - Pegang Satu Bendera”.


In this series, you can see Raffi Ahmad's journey in forming a modern soccer club. Of course, there’re many new challenges he didn't really expect before. Many people support him but many also sneer at his attempt. In each episode, we get to see a lot of journeys and lessons, especially how to support Indonesian soccer to be on par with the soccer teams who participate in the 2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar!


Although Indonesia is not participating in the World Cup, we have to keep supporting Indonesian soccer for the better future and keep hyping the 2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar! To know better about building a soccer club, first we can watch “Rans CFC – Pegang Satu Bendera” on MAXstream. Download the MAXstream app now on the Play Store and App Store or you can click the following link.


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