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Share your internet quota, share more fun!

Transfer your All-Network Internet Quota, OMG! Quota, GamesMAX Quota, or MAXstream Quota flexibly to your family and friends of up to 3GB.

Transfer your quota easily now

How to transfer

You can transfer your internet quota by following these steps:

  1. Access the UMB *500*2#.
  2. Choose the type of internet quota you want to transfer.
  3. Insert the recipient’s Telkomsel prepaid number.
  4. Insert the amount of quota you want to transfer.
  5. Choose “1. Ya” to confirm your transaction.
  6. You will receive a notification when your transaction is successful.
Price List
No. Type of Quota Total Quota Price Validity Period
1 Internet Quota 50MB – 500MB Rp5,000 3 days
2 OMG! Quota, Weekly/Monthly GamesMAX Quota, MAXstream Quota 50MB – <1GB Rp1,000 3 days
1GB – 3GB Rp2,000 3 days

Additional Information