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  • Search for jobs that interest you
  • Select a city to check out jobs there
  • Explore overseas opportunities
  • Hear about vacancies
  • Circulate your CV
  • Tariff: Rp 550 per SMS per day for 90 days

How it works


Get started

Call *500*34#


Select service

Press the number corresponding to your chosen service.

Yes: 1

Overseas jobs: 2

Select city: 3

Select job: 4

Vacancies: 5

Biodata: 6

Forward CV: 7

CS: 8

Stop: 9

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  • FAQ

  • Terms & conditions

What is Telkomsel Lowongan Kerja (TLoker)?

Telkomsel Lowongan Kerja (Tloker) is a service that makes it easier for job seekers to get job vacancy information via phone, PC, laptop and tablet. You can also apply for jobs and send your CV via phone.

How can I get job vacancy information from TLoker?

You can do so in 4 ways:

  • Website: Sign up at via your PC, laptop or tablet
  • WAP: Sign up at on your phone
  • UMB: Dial *500*34# and follow the menu options to sign up
  • SMS: Text the following to 99910:
  • For job vacancies in a particular location, type



- For job vacancies of a particular category, type



- To apply to a particular job vacancy, type

LOKER [Vacancy Serial Number]

E.g. LOKER 301578

- For all vacancies, type


What are the profiles I need to fill in Tloker website?

On the left of the Tloker website, you will see the following fields: Curriculum Vitae, Settings, View Vacancy, View CV and Contact Information. Under each field, you’ll see sub-fields you need to fill in. For example, the Curriculum Vitae section contains fields such as: Personal Information, Education, Work Experience, Jobs desired, Upload file and upload photos. All the fields marked with a red star are mandatory.

How can I view specific job information on the website?


You can see the specific job information as you need it in the following ways:

  • Open the page "See Vacancies"
  • Click on a job vacancy
  • Click the job-related information option you need in the menu, such as company, job title, job type, location, end-date, salary and date of application.
  • Enter keyword (example: “marketing”) in search field and click search.
How can I view full job vacancy information on the website?

You can do so by following these steps:

  • In the career page, click the eye symbol (view) in the right corner of every job line
  • Click "apply" in the box to the bottom right if you are interested in the job. Then your CV will be sent to the company.
How can I unsubscribe from Tloker?

You can do so via SMS by texting UNREG or STOP to 99910.

You can view the complete terms and conditions by downloading them here.