Do More with SMS

Get cool new SMS features on your mobile phone, including auto-reply, copy, divert and more.

Here’s What You Can Do Now


  • Auto-reply to incoming SMS
  • Copy and send your incoming SMS to another number
  • Divert your incoming SMS to another number
  • Blacklist numbers to stop receiving SMS from them
  • Whitelist numbers to continue receiving SMS from them

How it Works

Get started

Call *500*22# and wait to be guided through the activation process.

Select service

Type the number corresponding to your chosen service

Service Info: 1

Auto Reply: 2

Divert: 3

Copy: 4

Blacklist: 5

Whitelist: 6

Register service

Type 3 to activate your chosen service.

Confirm activation

Type 1 to confirm activation.

More for You

SMS Translator

Send a text in Bahasa and have it translated into English and other global languages.

SMS Group

Now you can enjoy group chats with up to 30 friends without a data plan.

  • FAQ

  • Terms & Conditions

What happens at the end of my subscription period for SMS Pro?

At the end of the subscription period, the system will automatically renew your SMS Pro service.

Can I subscribe to all SMS Pro features simultaneously?

Yes, except for these 2 pairs of features that cannot be active simultaneously because their functions are contradictory

  • SMS Copy & SMS Diver
  • SMS Whitelist & SMS Blacklist

How many phone numbers can I register for each feature of SMS Pro?

For each feature, you can register a maximum of 10 phone numbers.

How can I unsubscribe from SMS Pro features?

You can do so by dialling *500*22# and following the UMB menu options.

When I unsubscribe from one SMS Pro feature, does it mean I’m unsubscribing from all SMS Pro features?

No. You can unsubscribe from one feature and continue using the others.

  1. Seluruh layanan VAS (Value Added Service) tersedia untuk pelanggan Kartu Halo, Simpati, Kartu As, dan Loop
  2. Layanan ini hanya dapat diaktivasi di Indonesia
  3. Skema dan periode masa aktif berlangganan mengikuti masing-masing layanan yang dikonfirmasi di awal pembelian
  4. Untuk keterangan lebih lanjut terkait Tarif dan Masa Aktif berlangganan, hubungi Customer Service di 188