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Do more with SMS Pro

Get cool new SMS features on your mobile phone, including auto-reply, copy, divert and more.

About SMS Pro

SMS Pro benefits
  • Auto-reply to incoming SMS
  • Copy and send your incoming SMS to another number
  • Divert your incoming SMS to another number
  • Blacklist numbers to stop receiving SMS from them
  • Whitelist numbers to continue receiving SMS from them
Subscribe to SMS Pro
  • Call *500*22# and wait to be guided through the activation process.
  • Type the number corresponding to your chosen service
    • Service Info: 1
    • Auto reply: 2
    • Divert: 3
    • Copy: 4
    • Blacklist: 5
    • Whitelist: 6
  • Type 3 to activate your chosen service.
  • Type 1 to confirm activation.

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