What is Check Number service?

Check Number service is a feature for checking mobile (SIM card) numbers used on cellphones.

How do I Check My Number?

  • Dial *808# from the mobile phone you want to check.
  • You will get an SMS from 98888 containing information on the active mobile number you are using.

What is the tariff for Check Number service?

  • For prepaid users: Rp55/request (including 10% VAT).
  • For postpaid users: Rp50/request (not including 10% VAT).

It will be deducted directly from your credit when contacting *808#.

Does Check Number service include subscription service?

No, you will only be charged a fee when making a request.

Can Check Number service be used on all types of mobile phone?

Yes, it can be used on all types of mobile phone.