VAS - Bubbly

Express your individuality

Create your own voice blog and follow other bloggers.

  • Start a blog with Bubbly by calling

  • *1*

Discover a whole new blogging platform


  • Create a voice blog and express yourself to your followers
  • Follow other blogs and artists to hear what they have to say

How it works


Create blog

Press *1* and press OK


Follow blog

Press *BloggerPhoneNumber* and call


Follow artist

Press *ArtistBlogCode*

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  • FAQ

  • Terms & conditions

What is Bubbly?

Bubbly is a feature that lets every Telkomsel user become a voice blogger with followers who listen to them. Simply record your voice to post into your voice blog from any type of mobile phone.

How can I create my own blog on Bubbly?

Simply dial *1* to create your blog. Then follow the instructions in IVR to record your blog.

Do I need to subscribe?

 Not at all. You just call *1* at a cost of Rp 300 / Minute + PPN.

How can I follow other Bloggers?

Simply call *Destination Number*

Example: *0812xxxxx*

You will hear a prompt saying you have successfully followed the blogger.

How can I listen to blog content from bloggers I’m already following?

You will receive a notification SMS if there is a new blog post from a blogger you are following. You can listen to the latest blog post by calling *3*. The post will be automatically erased once you hear it. However, you can still listen to it by calling *2* at a cost of Rp 300 / Minute + PPN.

You can view the complete terms and conditions by downloading them here.