Telkomsel Paylater

Running out of credit & quota is not a problem!

Buy credit or internet quota now and pay later using Telkomsel Paylater after 30 days, powered by Kredivo on MyTelkomsel App. Stay connected, pay conveniently and securely without interest.

Kredivo is registered and supervised by the financial services authority (OJK).

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Easy steps to use Telkomsel PayLater


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How to sign up
How to sign up
  1. If you don’t have Kredivo account
    1. Download Kredivo app by clicking here.
    2. Follow the registration steps on Kredivo application.
    3. Wait for the approval.
    4. You will receive a notification about your Telkomsel Paylater application from Kredivo.
    5. Done! You can start purchasing digital products with Telkomsel Paylater.
  2. If you have a Kredivo account
    1. You don’t have to re-register.
    2. Simply log in using your Kredivo username and password on the payment page.
How to make a transaction
How to make a transaction
  1. Open MyTelkomsel App.
  2. Select the credit balance/package/digital product you want to buy.
  3. Check the product details again and tap "Buy".
  4. Choose the Telkomsel Paylater payment method.
  5. Log in to your Kredivo account using your Kredivo username and password.
  6. Choose a 30-day tenor.
  7. Check your transaction details again on the payment page.
  8. Insert the OTP, and then tap "Pay".
  9. Your transaction is complete! Your purchase will be automatically added to your active package.
How to pay the bills
How to pay the bills

After making a transaction using Telkomsel Paylater, the invoice will automatically be added to your Kredivo bill. You can pay the bill by following these steps:

  1. Open the Kredivo application. Click “Transactions” and then “Pay”. Select the transaction to be paid.
  2. Make a payment on the VA channel you choose. If you pay through ATM/e-banking, you will see the same amount of the bill as the previously selected transaction.
  3. If you did not do step 1, you will see the total of all your bills when paying via VA.
  4. BCA and Permata users can enter the amount they want to pay. Mandiri, Indomaret, and Alfamart users must take step 1 to pay for certain transactions only.
  5. Especially for Alfamart users, you can only make 1 bill payment per day.
  6. You can also pay Kredivo bills via Tokopedia. Open the Tokopedia website or app, choose the “Top- Up & Bills” menu, and select “Credit Installment”.
  7. If you receive a payment reminder email and only want to pay the amount billed in the email, you must do step 1. You can read the payment instructions for each payment channel here.
  • For now, every transaction using Telkomsel Paylater will be charged 1% of your total transaction.
  • If you are making a late Paylater bills, you will be charged a 4% late interest per 30 days and a late fee of 6% per 30 days from the amount of the bill that is past due.

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