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Beware of Scam


Beware of fake application scams

Be careful of scams claiming themselves as Telkomsel. Do not install unofficial apps from unknown sources other than Google Play Store or App Store!

How to avoid scams

Please pay attention to the following instruction to avoid possible scams:

  1. Do not share OTP, PIN, or verification links to anyone.
  2. Do not easily believe in fake information about lucky draw prizes or invitation to install applications by attaching certain application links in .APK format.
  3. Do not click .APK links and install anything from unknown numbers via SMS or other forms of electronic message.
  4. The official announcement of Telkomsel’s lucky draw program winners and prizes will only be published on Telkomsel’s official website (www.telkomsel.com) and official social media accounts (IG: @telkomsel, @mytelkomsel.app, @telkomselpoin, and other official accounts).
  5. Make sure to ONLY install MyTelkomsel App directly through Google Play Store or App Store.

If you encounter any indication of scam or fraud, please report it immediately via SMS to 1166 with the following format: PENIPUAN#SCAMMER’S NUMBER#SCAM TEXT MESSAGE CONTENT

Share this information to everyone!