Undian Telkomsel SIAGA 2018

Redeem Telkomsel POIN or activate Telkomsel package to win great prizes such as Samsung Galaxy J7 Core, Honda Beat, Honda HR-V and BMW Series 3.

Telkomsel Siaga 2018 - #BeribuKemenangan

Get the Prizes!

Win 1 BMW 3 Series, 2 Honda HR-V, 20 Honda Beat, 230 Samsung Galaxy J7 Core, 2300 e-voucher, and 2300 prepaid vouchers worth Rp500,000!


How to Win

About the contest

Every ticket gives you one chance to win in the lucky draw. This lucky draw will be divided into 3 periods:

Period I (May 15th – June 15th, 2018)
Total prizes: 1,477
  • 1 Honda HRV
  • 6 Honda Beat
  • 70 Samsung J7 Core
  • 700 credit balance @ Rp500,000
  • 700 voucher e-commerce @ Rp200,000
Period II (June 16th – July 15th, 2018)
Total prizes: 1,688
  • 1 Honda HRV
  • 7 Honda Beat
  • 80 Samsung J7 Core
  • 800 credit balance @ Rp500,000
  • 800 voucher e-commerce @ Rp200,000
Period III (July 16th – August 15th, 2018)
Total prizes: 1,688
  • 1 BMW
  • 7 Honda Beat
  • 80 Samsung J7 Core
  • 800 credit balance @ Rp500,000
  • 800 voucher e-commerce @ Rp200,000
How to get tickets
Method Coupons
Redeem 5 Telkomsel POIN 1 coupon
Redeem the POIN with voucher 2 coupons
Buy packages from Telkomsel Various
Make a minimum transaction of Rp20,000 with TCASH 1 coupons
Prepaid to postpaid migrate 30 coupons
Re-registration for prepaid customers 2 coupons

Redeem your POIN

  • FAQ

What is Undian Telkomsel Siaga?

Undian Telkomsel Siaga is a lucky draw program to celebrate the anniversary of Telkomsel and Telkomsel Siaga, where all registered Telkomsel customers can join.

When are the Undian Telkomsel Siaga period and the lucky draw date?
No Period Lucky Draw
1 May 15th – June 15th 2018 July 2018
2 June 16th – July 15th 2018 July 2018
3 July 16th – August 15th 2018 August 2018
Which package I should buy to get Undian Telkomsel Siaga coupon?

To get Undian Telkomsel Siaga coupon, you can buy one of the packages on this list.

Will the coupons earned in the 1st period be included in the next period of lucky draw?

Only coupons earned from the 1st and 2nd period can be included in the next drawing period. Customers who did not win the lucky draw will be included in the 3rd period. As for the 1st period cannot be included in the 2nd period.

How do I check my coupons and redeem methods?
Send keyword to 777 Keyword
To check total coupons NO
To check how to redeem UND

Coupons will be sent in 3 days after the transaction
Who can join Undian Telkomsel Siaga?

All Telkomsel customers who have coupons can join Undian Telkomsel Siaga, except Telkomsel employees.

The car prizes are valid only for customers who have at least 60 POIN in the last 3 months and redeem the POIN for Undian Pesta Akhir Tahun Program period.

Is there any minimum amount of coupon to win the prizes?
No Prize Minimum Coupons
1 BMW 320i 100 Coupons
2 Honda HRV & Honda Beat 50 Coupons
3 Smartphone 20 Coupons
4 Credit and e-voucher 1 Coupon
How about the gift tax?

All gift taxes and distribution fees are borne by Telkomsel. Winners will not be charged for any fees.

How do I check the status of the winner?

After the drawing process, the winners can be checked by sending WIN to 777 or by accessing

When will Telkomsel send the prizes to the winners?

Cars and motorcycles will be delivered 1 month after the winners are validated and will be sent to the nearest GraPARI from the location of the winner.

Smartphones must be claimed at (see point 12) and will be sent according to the address submitted at

Credit balance prizes will be sent to the winning prepaid numbers after validated. If the winning number is a postpaid number, then the credit balance will be sent to the winner’s prepaid number. And for gift voucher, the voucher will be sent to the winner as an e-voucher.

How do I claim rewards at
  1. The winner will receive link via SMS to claim the prize along with the voucher code.
  2. Click the link or type in the browser. If the winner does not have account, they have to register first.
  3. Make a purchase (using a link sent via SMS), then input the voucher code and enter the address.
  4. Make sure the phone number used for purchase is the winning phone number. If the phone number does not match the winning number, then the prize cannot be claimed. Winner will be informed via SMS and e-mail.
  5. Validation will take 3x24 hours (weekdays).
  6. If the prize claim is valid, the prize will be sent no later than 7x24 hours from validation confirmation.