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Thank you for your participation in this program. Check the winners of Honda Beat on this page and please look forward to the grand prize winner announcement.

Program Information

Winner Announcement
  1. List of the winners will be announced through the Telkomsel website, as well as SMS notification will be sent to the winners.
  2. If the notification of SMS is not received by the winner due to interference on the customer’s Mobile, Telkomsel will not resend the SMS Notifications to the Winner.
  3. Telkomsel Officers will confirm by phone to the winner to validate and confirm the delivery of the prize.
Monthly Winners List
No Month Prize Customer Number
1 February Honda Beat Sporty CW 085258844XXX
2 March Honda Beat Sporty CW 082145298XXX
3 April Honda Beat Sporty CW 081218227XXX
4 May Honda Beat Sporty CW 082264486XXX
5 June Honda Beat Sporty CW 081281308XXX
6 July Honda Beat Sporty CW 082110687XXX
7 August Honda Beat Sporty CW 081299329XXX
8 September Honda Beat Sporty CW 08119701XXX
9 October Honda Beat Sporty CW 085349447XXX
10 November Honda Beat Sporty CW 081280870XXX
11 December Honda Beat Sporty CW 085317714XXX
Prize Distribution
  1. Goods reward can be taken at the nearest Telkomsel GraPARI.
  2. Winners of travel pacakage to Europe will be dispatched in April-Mei 2019.
  3. If the rewards not taken by the winner, it will be distributed in accordance with Social Service provisions.
  • Winner Selection Mechanism

  • Prizes

  • Terms & Conditions

General Provision to Determine the Winner:

  1. Monthly reward decisions are determined by the number of POIN transaction during one month. There is monthly prize for 2 (two) customer with highest POIN during monthly period.
  2. The Grand Prize decisions are determined by the number of POIN transaction during the program period using lucky draw mechanism (will be explained further).
  3. The winner is an individual who can be proven by the active SIM card ownership.
  4. The organizer has the right to disqualify any participant who does not meet and or suspected of committing a fraud to this provision.
  5. Any decision on the winner selection is purely the policy of organizer and shall be inviolable.

Grand Prize Provision:

  1. The Grand Prize is drawn based on POIN transaction that collected during the program period.
  2. The Customer who can join the lucky draw are the ones who have at least 150 POIN.
  3. Winners who have won the Grand Prize can’t win back the Grand Prize.
  4. Holiday Package to Europe winners will be departed on January – February 2019.


  1. Grand Prize: Holiday Package to Europe for 10 winners (Period 1-3)
  2. Monthly Prize: Honda Beat Fi SW for 2 Winners (Period 1)
  1. This program is only for subscribers / Active Users SMS / USSD Service *141#.
  2. This program is not applicable for M-Banking Transactions using broadband (data package).
  3. All prizes are non-transferable
  4. All prizes cannot be replaced with cash.
  5. Cancellation of the prize shall be accompanied by confirmation to Telkomsel, and the prize shall be deemed forfeited.
  6. Telkomsel’s mobile phone number which owned by the winner must be active.
  7. Travel Package prize is valid for 1 (one) person only for each winner, it includes:
    • Roundtrip airplane ticket from Jakarta to Tourist Destination.
    • Hotel Accommodation.
    • Tour package at the tourism destination.
    • Roundtrip cost from the winner’s home city to Jakarta is the responsibility of Telkomsel.
    • Prize Tax will be borne by Telkomsel.