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Jalan-Jalan Hepi Jakarta 2024

Jalan-Jalan Hepi Jakarta


Congratulations to the winners of Jalan-Jalan Jakarta Bali program

Jalan-Jalan Hepi Jakarta lucky draw program has ended. Check if you are one of the lucky winners!k apakah kamu salah satu pemenang yang beruntung!


Winners List

Here's a list of lucky winners who won travel packages to Jakarta. Congratulations to all the winners! Beware of fraud, winners will only be contacted by Telkomsel Call Center: 188.

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Telkomsel Number City/State
628524842XXXX Enrekang
628125422XXXX Kota Bengkulu
628125449XXXX Kota Yogyakarta
628124177XXXX Sambas
62812498XXXX Kota Probolinggo

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