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01 December - 31 December 2023

Special for selected prepaid customers, activate Paket Darurat (Loan Package) once during the month of December and get a free drink.


After a successful transaction, you can get a free 250ml Coca-Cola Pet coupon that can be redeemed at all Alfamart stores in Indonesia.

Paket Darurat
Telkomsel PraBayar

How to get the benefit

Loan Package Combo
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Price Validity Internet Quota Voice Quota (TSEL) SMS Quota (TSEL)
Rp1,000 1 day 30MB 5 minutes 10 SMS
Rp3,000 1 day 350MB 75 minutes 30 SMS
Rp3,500 1 day 300MB 5 minutes 10 SMS
Rp5,000 1 day 500MB 75 minutes 30 SMS
Rp6,000 2 days 500MB 5 minutes 10 SMS
Rp7,000 2 days 750MB 75 minutes 30 SMS
Rp8,000 2 days 800MB 10 minutes 20 SMS
Rp10,000 2 days 1GB 75 minutes 30 SMS
Rp12,000 2 days 1.2GB 50 minutes 50 SMS
Loan Package Internet
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Price Validity Internet Quota
Rp6,500 1 day 650MB
Rp14,000 1 day 2GB
Rp14,000 2 days 1GB
Rp24,000 3 days 2GB
Rp27,000 3 days 2.5GB
Loan Package Voice
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Price Validity Voice Quota (TSEL)
Rp3,000 1 day 30 minutes
Rp5,000 1 day 50 minutes
Rp7,000 2 days 70 minutes
Rp10,000 2 days 100 minutes



  • The packages offered have been determined by the system based on customer criteria.
  • This package is not automatically renewed (non-subscription).
  • Packages and quotas may change according to Telkomsel policy.
  • Prices include VAT.
  • Package is only valid for Telkomsel PraBayar customers.

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