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14 July - 14 October 2023

Activate GigaMAX or MAXstream Gala packages through BCA, BRI, or BNI Mobile Banking and get coupons to win a cool prize.


By getting coupons in the "Gebyar Streaming Telkomsel" program through your favorite Mobile Banking channel, you have the opportunity to win various prizes such as:

  • Samsung Galaxy A04s for 10 winners
  • Telkomsel Orbit Star A1 Modem for 10 winners
  • Savings Balance worth Rp100,000 for 20 winners
  • Savings Balance worth Rp50,000 for 60 winners

Note: Prizes are valid for each bank.


How to join & win the prize

All about the coupons

Coupon Details

Below are the available packages and coupon details you can earn:

  1. Activate GigaMAX Basic 15GB/30 days Rp50,000 will get 1 coupon.
  2. MAXstream Gala 24GB/30 days Rp100,000 will get 2 coupons.
  3. MAXstream Gala 40GB/30 days Rp150,000 will get 3 coupons.


  • Multiples apply for the coupon acquisition. Customers with the largest number of coupons will be the winner.
  • Special for purchases through BNI Mobile Banking, the available packages are only MAXstream Gala 100K and MAXstream Gala 150K.
How to check your coupons
  1. After you purchase the GigaMAX & MAXstream Gala packages through BCA, BRI, or BNI Mobile Banking, the coupon will be sent to you via SMS from 777.
  2. You can check the number of coupons obtained through the following channels:
    1. MyTelkomsel -> Enter POIN Menu -> Click on the top left corner of "My Coupon"
    2. SMS “Keywords” to 777
      • BCA Customer keywords = CHECKPNBCA
      • For the keyword BNI customers = CEKKPNBNI
      • For BRI Customer keywords = CHECKPNBRI
    3. UMB *777#

Additional Information