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Halo⁺ ExtraBenefit

Here’s the plus benefits for you!

Halo⁺ Lifestyle
Halo⁺ Lifestyle

A special offer for Halo⁺ customers to enjoy a free streaming application subscription!


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  1. This benefit only applies to Halo customers who uses Halo⁺ Package.
  2. This benefit will be reset at the beginning of the billing cycle.
  3. All digital services are valid for 30 days.
  4. The same digital streaming service can’t be activated more than once within the same billing cycle which is currently still active.
Halo⁺ Reward
Halo⁺ Reward

Get membership benefits that can be reset every billing cycle, special for Halo⁺ customers.

  • Free access voucher for a 30-minute consultation from Fita.
  • Rp5,000,000 discount voucher for Executive Mini MBA from Kuncie.
  • Rp6,000,000 discount voucher for the Kuncie Executive Human Capital UGM online class from Kuncie.
  • 30% discount voucher from The Bucket List.
  • 25% discount voucher from Purwadhika.
  • 15% discount voucher at Martha Tilaar.


  1. Customers are entitled to get vouchers in the membership catalog once per voucher.
  2. Benefits can be used in the application according to the voucher selected.
  3. Customers will receive a voucher code via SMS from 777 as well as information on how to use the voucher.
  4. Customers who have taken one voucher are not entitled to take another voucher from the same catalog.
Halo⁺ Poin
Halo⁺ Poin

You can get special Telkomsel Halo package by redeeming Telkomsel Poin.

  • Halo Combo Ekstra 3GB + 100-minute voice + 100 SMS for 5 Poin and Rp10.
  • Halo Combo Ekstra 3GB + 150-minute voice + 150 SMS for 10 Poin and Rp10.
  • Halo Kuota Ekstra 1GB for 10 Poin and Rp10.
  • Halo Kuota Ekstra 2GB for 20 Poin and Rp10.
  • Halo Paket Nelpon 100-minute voice for 10 Poin and Rp10.
  • Halo Paket Nelpon 200-minute voice for 20 Poin and Rp10.


  1. Customers are entitled to get all rewards from Halo⁺ Poin catalogue by redeeming Telkomsel Poin max. once per package during the program period.
  2. Halo⁺ Poin benefits can be used to access the internet on all Telkomsel networks.
  3. Voice and SMS Quota can only be used to fellow Telkomsel users.
  4. Customers will receive notification via SMS from Telkomsel after a successful purchase.
  5. Customers can use Internet, SMS, and Voice Quotas soon after receiving the successful notification.

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