Berkah Ramadan SMS Banking | Telkomsel

About Program

15 March - 30 April 2024

Make as many transactions as possible using SMS Banking or UMB Banking to win a special Ramadan gift. Each 1 transaction from 1 mobile phone number is eligible to earn 1 point.




Customers with the highest number of transactions at the end of the program period will get:

  • 10gr Fine Gold for 2 winners with a minimum of 500 points.
  • Samsung Galaxy A54 for 3 winners with a minimum of 300 points.
  • Samsung Galaxy Fit3 for 5 winners with a minimum of 300 points.
SMS Banking
UMB Banking

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How to join
  1. Valid for SMS Banking/UMB Banking users of any bank using Telkomsel number as the registered provider for SMS Banking.
  2. Valid for SMS Banking and/or UMB Banking services with credit fees (PraPayar) or bills (Halo) charged to the customer.
  3. Perform as many SMS Banking transactions and/or UMB Banking services as possible.
  4. You can activate the SMS Banking service directly at the bank branch office you use.
SMS Banking Advantages
  • Easily check bank account balances.
  • Can be used to pay electricity, water, internet bills and others.
  • Directly buy credit, electricity tokens and others.
  • Get SMS notifications of fund movements in your account.
  • Various other services with guaranteed transaction security using SMS Banking.

Additional Information