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How to get free telemedicine for self-quarantine (Jabodetabek)

Ministry of Health

The Ministry of Health will send a message blast via WhatsApp for COVID-19 patients who have been registered in the database. The message will contain:

  • Link and voucher code for teleconsultation.
  • Education on how to do teleconsultation, so your medicine cost will be borne by the government.
  • Education on how to get medicines borne by the government or Ministry of Health, which will be distributed through Kimia Farma.
  • Or, please check if you're registered in the Ministry of Health's self-quarantine program here.

COVID-19 patients can get free teleconsultations by following these steps:

  • Make sure you have downloaded and signed up to the Halodoc application or via the following link.
  • Click the link sent by the Ministry of Health via WhatsApp.
  • Choose the doctor you prefer.
  • Enter the voucher code sent by the Ministry of Health via WhatsApp.
  • Inform the doctor that you’re a patient from the Ministry of Health’s program.
  • Based on the doctor’s diagnose, you will receive a medicine/vitamin prescription. You will also get a link to redeem free medication from the government.

How to redeem free medicines/vitamins