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Paket Kapal


Smooth online sailing on a sea trip

Enjoy smooth internet connection on the sea by activating Paket Kapal from Rp30,000 with up to 37GB quota for prepaid customers!

Reliable internet package on cruise

Package Details
Quota Price Validity Period
6GB Rp30,000 1 day
14GB Rp70,000 3 days
24GB Rp100,000 7 days
37GB Rp150,000 30 days
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These special packages can be activated on 14 PELNI ships as follows:

  1. KM Dorolonda
  2. KM Tidar
  3. KM Kelud
  4. KM Sinabung
  5. KM Lambelu
  6. KM Gunung Dempo
  7. KM Siguntang
  8. KM Nggapulu
  9. KM Labobar
  10. KM Dobonsolo
  11. KM Ciremai
  12. KM Sirimau
  13. KM Kelimutu
  14. KM Tilongkabila

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