A package to protect your healthy lifestyle!

Activate ComboFit Package to enjoy internet quota, Fita Premium health service, and Allianz insurance. Also, get up to 20GB additional data by doing healthy activities on Fita Apps.

ComboFit Benefits

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Fita & Allianz detailed benefits

Fita Premium
Fita Premium

How to enjoy Fita Premium services:

  • Download Fita App from App Store or Play Store and log in by using the mobile phone number used to buy the ComboFit package.
  • By using Fita Premium, you can access exercise plans, recipes, articles, exercise videos, Food AI, and receive Rp50,000 discount for YellowFit. You can also get Multiplier Point from activities on Fita App.
Allianz Insurance activation
Allianz Insurance activation

How to activate the insurance policy:

  1. Buy ComboFit Package on Mytelkomsel App.
  2. After the purchase is successful, you will get an SMS from Allianz containing the voucher code and the Allianz microsite link.
  3. You need to enter the voucher code into the Allianz microsite before continuing the activation process.
  4. After the voucher code being verified, you must fill in your personal data on the Allianz microsite correctly and read the terms and conditions applied prior to the activation.
Insurance Benefits
Insurance Benefits

Below is the benefit summary and maximum amount of compensation:

  • Accidental death due to accident: Rp25,000,000
  • Permanent disablement due to accident (total/partial refers to the Permanent Disability Benefit Table contained in the Confirmation of Cover): Rp25,000,000
  • Medical expenses due to an accident: Rp2,500,000
  • Accident allowance: Rp200,000


  1. Coverage period: 30 days, as also stated in the insurance policy.
  2. Age limit: 17 years old and above.
  3. Loss notification period: 14 calendar days since the date of the incident.
  4. Additional provision: Only applies to a maximum of 2 active policies when a claim occurs.
  5. The protection cover begins when the customer successfully activates the Personal Accident Insurance starting at 12:00 PM GMT+7 at the activation date on the Allianz microsite.
  6. Summary of Personal Accident Insurance Benefit and Service (RIPLAY) can be found on the Allianz microsite.
  7. A complete explanation of Personal Accident Insurance Protection can be found in the Confirmation of Cover. Insurance coverage applies Exclusion provisions contained in the Confirmation of Cover, things that are not covered in the Confirmation of Cover.
Make a claim
Make a claim
  1. After the insurance activation on the Allianz microsite is successful, you will get an SMS and a Welcome Letter or Confirmation of Cover from Allianz via email containing the insurance benefit details along with the documents and terms of claim.
  2. You will also receive an SMS and email containing the Allianz claim portal link to make a claim notification and also to complete the claim documents required for claims to be processed by Allianz.
  3. If there’s any claim, you must immediately notify such claim to Allianz via the Allianz claim portal. Claim notification needs to be submitted in a maximum of 14 calendar days after the date of the incident.
  4. If you have further questions about the claim, please contact Allianz Call Centre at 1500136 (4) or email cs@allianz.co.id.

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