Wastewater Management System

Wastewater Management System

Stay clean and green

Monitor the wastewater generated by your industrial park area to ensure that it is environmentally friendly and complies with regulations.


quality control

Quality control

Measure parameters such as pH, residual chlorine, BOD, COD and dissolved oxygen to ensure that you’re not releasing toxins.

automatic measurement

Automatic measurement

Easily measure wastewater quality through an automatic process.



Remotely and continuously monitor the wastewater quality data of your tenants in real-time via web and mobile.


  • Measure water quality parameters
  • Ensure that all wastewater is compliant with environmental regulations and is environmentally friendly
  • Save costs
  • Monitor wastewater quality data via web and mobile
Wastewater Management System
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What kind of company is suitable for this solution?

This solution can be used for industrial areas or companies with factories that produce wastewater.

What features will I get from this solution?

  • Waste water quality parameter measurement
  • Web and mobile monitoring
  • Automated logging
  • Safe and reliable data services

What kind of services can I get from this solution?

This is a bundling solution which includes metering device and sensors, apps, monitoring website, and safe and reliable data services from Telkomsel.

Should the company provide its own server?

No, this is a cloud based solution.

What if the company already has its own metering device?

You can inform that to your Account Manager and there will be a survey to identify the integration process required with Wastewater Management application.

Should the company provide CAPEX?

CAPEX is needed for the metering device and sensors, while apps, web and data services will use OPEX model. But this can be adjusted to the company’s needs.

Is it possible to customize the Wastewater Management feature?

Yes, companies can adjust it to their existing business process and industry area.

How can I subscribe to Wastewater Management?

If you are an existing Telkomsel corporate user, you can contact your Telkomsel Account Manager. If you are a new corporate user, then you can contact our call center at 188 or through the Contact us menu option.

  • Minimum contract is 1 year.
  • If the user stops subscription in the middle of the contract, a penalty will be charged.
  • This is a cloud based solution, which means the user doesn’t need to provide their own server.
  • Menu and feature customization can be done based on the company’s business process. 
  • The metering device and sensors needed will be adjusted to the area the company has.