Ketengan JOOX


Buy Kuota Ketengan and get JOOX voucher!

Special for prepaid customers who buy Kuota Ketengan, get an additional JOOX VIP voucher to enjoy your favorite music up to 1 week.

Package and voucher details

Package Details

You can buy Ketengan x JOOX (Ketengan Utama) package via UMB *363#, UMB *363*02#, or UMB *363*847# with the following details:

Package Quota Validity Price JOOX Voucher
  Ketengan x JOOX (Ketengan Utama)   20GB 3 days Start from Rp41,200 VIP JOOX for 3 days
35GB 7 days Start from Rp57,200 VIP JOOX for 7 days
  • During the program period, every purchase of Ketengan Utama 20GB/3 days will get an additional JOOX VIP voucher with 3-day validity, while the purchase of Ketengan Utama 35GB/7 days will get an additional JOOX VIP voucher with 7-day validity.
  • The package price may differ, depends on your location/zone. Please check via UMB for more detailed pricing.
Voucher Details

After successfully buying Ketengan x JOOX package, you will receive a voucher code or URL link via SMS from 3636. What to do next:

  • Open the SMS containing the voucher code.
  • Copy the voucher code and click the link.
  • Download and install JOOX application if you haven’t. Follow the instructions.
  • If you already have JOOX application, paste the voucher code in the “enter code” column, and then click “redeem now”.
  • If you use the JOOX URL link, the voucher code will automatically appear in the redemption box. Click “redeem now”.
  • Enjoy free VIP JOOX access for 3 days or 7 days.

Additional Information