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Ketengan JOOX

Ketengan JOOX


Buy Kuota Ketengan and get JOOX voucher!

Special for prepaid customers who buy Kuota Ketengan, get an additional JOOX VIP voucher to enjoy your favorite music up to 1 week.

Package and voucher details

Package Details

You can buy Ketengan x JOOX (Ketengan Utama) package via UMB *363#, UMB *363*02#, or UMB *363*847# with the following details:

Package Quota Validity Price JOOX Voucher
  Ketengan x JOOX (Ketengan Utama)   20GB 3 days Start from Rp41,200 VIP JOOX for 3 days
35GB 7 days Start from Rp57,200 VIP JOOX for 7 days
  • During the program period, every purchase of Ketengan Utama 20GB/3 days will get an additional JOOX VIP voucher with 3-day validity, while the purchase of Ketengan Utama 35GB/7 days will get an additional JOOX VIP voucher with 7-day validity.
  • The package price may differ, depends on your location/zone. Please check via UMB for more detailed pricing.
Voucher Details

After successfully buying Ketengan x JOOX package, you will receive a voucher code or URL link via SMS from 3636. What to do next:

  • Open the SMS containing the voucher code.
  • Copy the voucher code and click the link.
  • Download and install JOOX application if you haven’t. Follow the instructions.
  • If you already have JOOX application, paste the voucher code in the “enter code” column, and then click “redeem now”.
  • If you use the JOOX URL link, the voucher code will automatically appear in the redemption box. Click “redeem now”.
  • Enjoy free VIP JOOX access for 3 days or 7 days.

Additional Information