Recharge your credit to get more benefits with Modal Jempol!

Recharge your credit and get quota up to 5GB only for Rp10  for simPATI, KARTU As, and Loop users!


How to buy


Recharge your credit now

Recharge your credit now with minimum amount Rp20.000.


You will receive Modal Jempol campaign notification

Kamu berhak mendapatkan paket Modal Jempol dari 500MB sd 5GB/2hr cuma Rp10. Jawab OK jika setuju (penawaran berlaku 6 jam atau sebelum pengisian pulsa berikutnya).


Type OK send to 5111

If you agree, type OK and send it to 5111. Enjoy your Modal Jempol package now.


You will receive a notification if success

You will get this notification “Paket Modal Jempol Kamu dengan kuota xx MB selama 2 hari telah aktif. Cek kuota di aplikasi MyTelkomsel,, atau telepon 188”.

#ModalJempol Tough Guy

Jagoan deserves the thumbs up. You can be a Jagoan with #ModalJempol with Telkomsel. You'll be in luck with #ModalJempol. Recharge your credit and get bonus quota up to 5GB that you can enjoy only with Rp10!

#ModalJempol - Ice Cream

In a month with full of love, you can get #ModalJempol as your love sign from Telkomsel. More romantics also can ge more benefit! Recharge your credit and get bonus quota up to 5GB that you can enjoy only with Rp10!

#ModalJempol - Boss

Show up your skill to you boss with #ModalJempol. Recharge your credit and get bonus quota up to 5GB that you can enjoy only with Rp10!

#ModalJempol - Massage

With #ModalJempol get bonus quota up to 5GB that you can enjoy only by recharge your credit start from Rp 20.000

  • FAQ

  • Terms & Conditions

What is “Modal Jempol” program?

Modal Jempol is a Telkomsel program that gives benefit to all pre-paid customers (simPATI, KARTU As, and Loop) with special data packages up to 5GB for Rp10 after a balance top-up starting from Rp20.000.

When is this promo valid?

Promo Modal Jempol is valid from February 9th to May 31st, 2018.

Who can purchase Modal Jempol package, and how much is the minimum denomination to top-up?

This package can be purchased by all pre-paid customers (simPATI, KARTU As, and Loop ) by recharging at least Rp20.000 as the minimum requirement.

What are the terms and conditions for purchasing the package?
  • You must top-up first to get “Modal Jempol” promo.
  • Package price is single tariff package with a special price of Rp10.
  • The package can be purchased via SMS, by typing OK and send to 5111 after receiving a top-up notification.
  • Data quota is valid across all networks (3G and 4G) and is valid for 2 Days (00.00 – 23.59 WIB).
  • Check your data quota via *888# or My Telkomsel app.
Does accumulation apply to the quota and validity for Modal Jempol package?

No, it doesn’t. Quota and validity of Modal Jempol Package are valid since you make the purchase.

What is the priority of Modal Jempol consumption package compared to other data packages?

Here is the order of package consumption priority starting from the highest:

Apps Quota – Midnight Quota – 1 Day Package – MODAL JEMPOL – 3 Days Package – Weekly Package – 4G – other packages.

Can Modal Jempol package be purchased multiple times?

You can purchase each package maximum of 5 times in 1 day.

Does accumulation apply to the top-up requirement?

No, it doesn’t. You will only get Modal Jempol package according to last denomination top-up before accessing and purchasing Modal Jempol package.

Is there any requirement of minimum balance to buy this package?

Yes, the minimum balance before buying this package is Rp10. If your balance is below Rp10, then you will receive a notification saying that your balance is not enough to make a purchase.

Is there any Special Condition?

Condition 1: In this case, if you make multiple top-ups in less than 6 hours with the first redeem is >=20K and second redeem is <20K, you will still get the value from the first top-up and you can redeem it.

Condition 2: In this case, you just find out about Modal Jempol offers after the first top-up, but don't redeem the package afterward. After that, you make a second top-up (>=20K) and redeem the package. The quota that you receive will be based on the second top-up.

  1. You have to recharge your credit if you want to get “Modal Jempol” promo.
  2. The price of Modal Jempol package is Rp10.
  3. The Internet quota will automatically change when you have re-registered your prepaid number.
  4. You can register your prepaid number by sending SMS "ULANG<spasi>NIK#Nomor KK#" to 4444.
  5. If you just know about Modal Jempol promo after recharged your credit but didn't buy package then you have to re-recharged the credit. You'll get the quota based on the latest credit recharge you did.
  6. There is no accumulation in this promo.
  7. You can buy this package by replying the SMS notification with 'OK' after you recharged your credit.
  8. The internet quota applies to all network (3G and 4G) and will be available for 2 days (2 X 24 Hours).
  9. Check your data quota on *888# or MyTelkomsel app.