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Telkomsel MiFi


MiFi Bundling with Big Quota

Use MiFi from Telkomsel to enjoy internet connection anywhere and any time with the best network from Telkomsel.

Get Mifi Prepaid Package starting from Rp75,000 with up to 30GB quota.

Prepaid detail packages

MiFi Starter Pack

Total quota 14GB.
Validity 60 days.

MiFi Lite

Total quota 10GB.
Validity 30 days.

MiFi Medium

Total quota 20GB.
Validity 30 days.

MiFi Heavy

Total quota 30GB.
Validity 30 days.

Important notes

Here are some important notes about Telkomsel MiFi prepaid package:
  • MiFi Starter Pack can only be activated for once after the number is already registered.  The quota will be divided into 7GB for first 30 days and 7GB for the second 30 days.
  • This package can only be activated with MiFi bundling number via MyTelkomsel App or https://my.telkomsel.com.
  • This package can only be used on a registered Telkomsel MiFi IMEI.
  • Regular package is valid for 30 days and can be continuously activated (without limit of purchase).
  • The validity period will be added by 30 days when you activate this package.

Postpaid Package Detail


Important notes

Here are some important notes about Telkomsel MiFi postpaid package:
  • The package price for 6 months has to be fully paid up front. The rest of the payment will be charged through Telkomsel Halo bill.
  • You cannot change your package during the 6-month contract period.
  • The validity period shall follow the billing cycle and will be automatically renewed.
  • The Entertainment quota can be used to access MAXstream, VIU, and MusicMAX (premium subscription is not included).
  • On the 7th month (after the contract period has ended), the MiFi package value will be changed.