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Join Lelang POIN to Win Samsung J5 Smartphone!

Register now to join Lelang POIN auction program and be the highest bidder to win a Samsung J5 smartphone. There will be 9 Samsung J5 that you can win start from January 28th to February 27th, 2019.

How to Join


Register by typing LELANG and send via SMS to 777 or via UMB *700*70# (you can also do other activities via UMB).

Start to Bid

To bid, type BID <space> (amount of POIN). Example: BID 50, send to 777. The minimum POIN to bid is 50 POIN.

Highest Bidder

To check the highest bidder’s position, type TOP send to 777.

We’ll Contact You

The highest bidder of each phase will be contacted by Telkomsel team up to 7 working days from the last day of each phase. The prize will be delivered directly to the winner.

Program Details


1 unit of Samsung J5 smartphone for each phase with total 9 phases. You need 1 POIN to register, and the minimum amount for bidding is 50 POIN with a multiplication of 10 POIN.

If the amount of POIN you offer is lower than the highest bidder, the POIN will be automatically refunded except the POIN for registration. The color and series of the reward depend on the stock’s availability.


The winner will be determined based on the highest bidding POIN offered in each phase. Customers cannot win more than once in one period of auction program.


This program is valid from January 28th to February 27th, 2019. This program will be divided into 9 phases, each phase for 3 consecutive days.

Each phase will start on the 1st day at 00:00 WIB until the 3rd at 23:00 WIB. The winner announcement and prize distribution will be held every Thursday.