kejutan hadiah

Kejutan Hadiah Telkomsel South Kalimantan

The more calls and internet, the greater the chance to win the prizes!

How To Join Kejutan Hadiah Telkomsel

Register on SMS

program participants must register via SMS by typing HADIAH(space)NAMA#KOTA send SMS to 3936 (Rp.0-/ SMS)

Example : HADIAH DIAN#BANJARMASIN Send SMS to 3936 (Rp.0-/ SMS)

Check for Program Information

Type HADIAH(space)INFO send to 3936 (Rp.0-/ SMS)

Check Star Poin

to check star poin (BINTANG), type HADIAH(space)BINTANG send to 3936 (Rp.0-/ SMS)

  • Terms & Conditions

  1. TELKOMSEL Program applies to all Telkomsel subscribers in South Kalimantan region consisting of 4 clusters namely Banjarmasin Cluster, Cluster Martapura, Cluster Banua Six & Cluster Kotabaru

  2. Participants of the program are all prepaid customers simPATI, Kartu As & Loop

  3. Period of the program up to December 31, 2017

  4. Calculation of program points based on the purchase or activation of the package (accumulated within 1 month running) conducted by the program participants include reload of regular pulses & data pulses via Mkios, telephone packages, and internet packages via * 363 #

  5. Program participants will earn program points with the following categories:

    • Every purchase of regular pulses via Mkios, accumulated worth 5000 rupiah will get 1 STAR, apply multiples

    • Every purchase of data pulses via Mkios, accumulated worth 5000 rupiah will get 2 STARS, apply multiples

    • Every purchase of phone packages, accumulated worth 5000 rupiah will get 2 STARS, multiples apply

    • Every purchase of internet package via UMB * 363 # accumulated worth 5000 rupiah will get 2 STAR, apply multiples

  6. Example illustration of customer points calculation:

    In October 2017, subscriber A purchased a phone package on October 5 for Rp 3500, - then purchased the internet package via * 363 # worth Rp 20rb on October 15th, and at the end of the month of 30th October the regular balance of Rp 10rb, total STAR that customers get in October 2017?

    Answer : 

    • ​​​​​​​Accumulated voice packets & internet packages worth Rp 23,500, customers get 8 STARS

    • Purchase of Rp 10rb regular package customers get 2 STARS

      The customer gets accumulated 10 STARS in October 2017

  7. In November 2017, subscriber A purchased a phone package on November 10th of Rp 4,500, - then refilled the data via Mkios at an outlet worth Rp 20rb on November 15th, then did a regular 20rb credit on November 20, 2017, and at the end of the month the customer redeemed the phone package on November 30 for Rp 17,500, - What was the total STAR that customers got in November 2017?

    Answer : 

    • Accumulated telephone package & reload of data credit worth Rp 42rb, customer get 16 STAR

    • Purchase of Rp 20rb regular credit customers get 4 STARS

      The customer gets accumulated 20 STARS in November 2017

  8. The prizes provided in the Telkomsel Gift Surprise program are as follows :

Rewards Type






Main Rewards 1 Umroh package 3 People Drawn 1x stage at the end of the program
2 Matic Motorcycle 1 Unit
3 Antam Gold 10gr 5 Unit
Monthly Prize 4 Savings 3 Millions 5 Unit Drawn 3x stages every month during the program period
5 HP 4G Samsung J1 Mini 10 Unit
6 Credit Voucher 300rb 60 Unit
7 Dispenser 20 Unit
8 Gas Stove 20 Unit
9 Electrical Iron 20 Unit
  • The Prize Prize will be held in January 2018
  • If the winner of the Umrah Prize is a non-Muslim customer, it can be converted to an equivalent religious tourism prize
  • The Prize Prize draw will be held in 3 stages during the period of October - December 2017
  • The decision of the winner shall be the absolute right of Telkomsel and shall not be inviolable
  • The winner of the sweepstakes will be contacted directly by the Telkomsel officer and is free of charge
  • Dinsos license number: 466.2 / 308 / IX / DPMPTSP / 2017