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IndiHome TV special features


Playback, Pause, Rewind

Rewind, pause, or play back your favorite TV shows as you like.


TV Storage

Record the TV show into a hard drive of up to 600 minutes to enjoy a rerun.


TV on Demand

Rebroadcast live events or shows up to 7 days back.


Video on Demand

Fully control the videos you play on TV.



Sing your heart out with karaoke feature in IndiHome TV.


IndiHome TV

IndiHome TV premium shows and content can be watched via IndiHome TV app. Download now for free.

Enjoy streaming & browsing at once

Using the Set-Up-Box (STB) device that serves 2 types of services at once, IPTV and OTT service, you will be able to access various IndiHome TV shows and OTT video streaming, as well as browsing the internet.