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IndiHome + Orbit


Level up your internet experience with one package & one billing!

Enjoy convenient experience with the special IndiHome + Orbit Package. Just one package and one payment for your entire family's internet solution. #BersatuLebihMudah

IndiHome + Orbit Package
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Package Validity Price
Orbit Add-on 77GB 30 days Start from Rp131,000*
Orbit Add-on 110GB 30 days Start from Rp176,000*
Orbit Add-on 165GB 30 days Start from Rp252,000*
Orbit Add-on 275GB 30 days Start from Rp420,000*


Note: Prices above may vary depending on your location and modem type.

Haven't got an Orbit modem yet?

Get an Orbit modem starting from around Rp600,000! You can install the modem easily without having to call a technician. Enjoy a Wi-Fi modem with the best network from Telkomsel and various package options without subscribing.

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Find out more about Orbit features and data package options!

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