Halo Unlimited Contract Terms & Conditions | Telkomsel

Halo Unlimited Contract Terms & Conditions

  1. Halo Unlimited Kontrak chosen must be minimum the same amount with current active main package.
  2. Bonus data for Halo Unlimited Kontrak will be given monthly based on the contract period (6 or 24 months).
  3. Halo Unlimited Kontrak variant 150K – 550K get bonus data of 15GB/month during the contract period.
  4. Price excludes 10% tax and applies full-rate.
  5. Promo only available for existing Halo customers who switch package to Halo Unlimited Kontrak.
  6. Bill payment can be made upfront in a full amount according to the full contract period or recurring monthly during the contract period using an autopayment – BNI Bill Payment. If customers choose the recurring payment and cancel before the contract ends, there will be penalties of the total remaining period (in a month) x normal price x 50%.
  7. For more info about Halo Unlimited, please visit https://www.telkomsel.com/en/halo.
  8. Customers agree to be contacted by BNI and activate BNI Bill Payment for Halo bills with BNI Telkomsel credit card.
  9. If customers have not registered to BNI Telkomsel credit card, please visit the registration form: http://bit.ly/applybnitsel from smartphone for online registration